The Alien King of the Dinosaurs
Xenomorph T-Rex
Used by
The Lost blade Clan
Enemies of the Lost Blade Clan
Xenomorph/T-rex Hybrid
7,66 meters
24,6 meters
The Lost Blade Clan
Xenomorph Hybrid

The Alien T-Rex is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, impregnated by a Trilobite and is an RP character used by MechaZero101.


Scientists' experimentation on Time Travel has led to a Trilobite entering the time machine and impregnating a T-Rex. While Black goo was dumped on the land, two Tyrannosaurus' were impregnated. When it burst out of the dinosaur's belly, the Belly-Burster hid until it matured, it destroyed the whole base, and ran away into a jungle, where it's whereabouts are still unknown.


Debut:Trouble in Appalachia!

The Xeno-Rex first showed up in a village in Appalachia, where he destroyed some houses and killed some residents, but he was shot at by Dark,The two then fought, until Xenomorph "Mozart" and his Xenomorph squad jumped into battle, Ferno burned and killed some of the Xenomorphs, before jumping down and telling Dark that he knows what to do, he slashed at the Xeno-Rex's legs and hit it's head with his electric bo staff, he then sprayed gas that would put the beast to sleep, and put a special saddle on it, he had tamed the beast. He then killed most of the Xenomorphs. After the battle ended, the Xeno-Rex roared in victory, Ferno got on it,t hey both ran into the woods.

The Lost Blade

When the red Xenomorphs attacked the Lost Blade clan base, he was awoken to defend against them, before the red Gorilla Xenomorph arrived, the two fought ferociously until he's got the advantage when Ferno and Dark started shooting at the red Gorilla Xenomorph using their turrets. While the red Gorilla Xenomorph was distracted, the Xeno-Rex was able to bite it's head off, killing it. He then roared in victory and went back to his chamber.


It is not the smartest but it relies on just strength. It attacks ferociously and eats the corpse and the remains of the prey. It is very unstable and taming it is very hard. However, when under Ferno's guidance, the Xeno-Rex becomes much more stable and domestic.


  • Speed
  • Stronger Biteforce
  • Bigger Size
  • Hard Headcrust
  • Sharp Claws & Teeth
  • Acidic Blood
  • Extended Inner Jaw


  • The Xeno-Rex was tamed by Ferno, and now is his "pet".