Universe-95 is a universe created by Gallibon. It is the home universe of FlamingoMask. Not much is known about this universe at the moment.


Universe-95 is a universe in which where FlamingoMask comes from. While not much is known about it, it's been stated and mentioned a few times as being relatively normal and lacks many kaiju; however aliens are somewhat common.

MoonMask is stated be the leader of the Shadowbloods in this universe.

Notable Members


  • Originally FlamingoMask came from Universe-95 because it was believed at the time that most Shadowbloods came from other universes and weren't supposed to belong in one (with the exceptions of FoxMask, WolfMask and RyuMask altogether.) This however turned out not to be exactly the case, but it was kept anyways.
  • Universe-95 has yet to be explored properly so far, but it has been mentioned a few times by FlamingoMask.
  • It's implied a few times that this universe is more futuristic, but not post-apoctaylptic or highly-advanced utopia either.