Used by
Gamoni, Gallibon, Giant Hummingbird
Mutated Mosquito
50 meters (Default)
50 meters (Default)
Godzilla: The Series Character

Skeetera (能力吸収怪獣 スキートラ Nōryoku Kyūshū Kaijū Sukītora?, lit. Power-Absorbing Monster Skeetera) is a giant mosquito kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Skeetera is a fierce and wicked mosquito monster and is power hungry to the core. She likes to fight and inflict pain on other monsters, as she thinks of herself as cunning adversary.


Debut: Transquito's Last Stand

Skeetera made her first appearance when she and the Seekers were hired by Transquito to destroy Hardshell and his forces. Skeetera was especially called in to take down the kaiju Gamoni, Gallibon and Zaranga. Skeetera then went in and attacked them all. After getting lashed at by Gamoni and Gallibon's whips, Skeetera then flew up and rammed herself at the two, taking down Gallibon with ease. Skeetera then sucked some of Gallibon's blood, grew larger and fired a red plasma beam at Gamoni. Gamoni continued to fight strong against the giant mosquito monster.

Then from out of the blue, a cowboy eldritch abomination's giant mecha came out and tackled Skeetera; Skeetera now had two fierce opponents to fight against. After a long and brutal fight between the mecha and Gamoni, the two then charged up their strongest plasma beam attacks at Skeetera, causing Skeetera to fly across the area and crash down on the ground. Having been through enough, Skeetera then flew up in the air and took off, retreating.

The Birds and the Mosquitoes

Skeetera briefly appeared in Detroit to absorb energy from a factory, but her plan was foiled by Giant Hummingbird who then flew in and attacked her repeatedly. After the two fought in the skies for a while, Skeetera then flew off, retreating.


  • Flight
  • Energy Absorption: When Skeetera drains the blood of another creature, she will gain their powers and also increase in mass and size.
  • Massive Strength: Even for her size, Skeetera is brutal in physical combat and is capable of taking down kaiju bigger than her.


  • Skeetera will become weaker when dehydrated and she will also lose her drained energy.


  • Skeetera currently has no theme.
  • Originally Neo El Gusano and El Gusano Gigante were going to appear along with Skeetera in her debut RP as the other monsters to have been hired by Transquito, but they were cut out and replaced with Skeetera herself instead.