Neo SquidMask
Neo SquidMask
Used by
FlamingoMask (best friend)
CondorMask, MoleMask, Cotton, Ayame, Unica, Sagiri, Brownie, Sonnet, Ichigo, CoyoteMask, SasquatchMask, Booker, PuppetMask, SquidMask, FoxMask, Machine G, SwanMask, LobsterMask, Gunbot, Akiko (love interest)
Ash, Jiger, Glokers, Many Mouths, AdonisGoji, Double Bat, Salamander, Robot FlamingoMask, CatMask, HyenaMask, MouseMask, Alien Shamer, Vacumira, Gandler, BatMask, Alien Babarue, GhostMask, Akiko (formerly)
5'4 (Normal)
15'4 (Supercharged)
50 meters (Giant)
85 meters (Supercharged Kaiju)
165 meters (Kaiju)
OC Shadowblood
The things I have to go through, I swear.... „ 

— Neo SquidMask

Neo SquidMask (ネオイカマスク Neo IkaMasuku) is a squid-themed Shadowblood Adept from a different dimension and is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


In stark contrast compared to main universe SquidMask, Neo SquidMask is far more naive, impulsive, energetic, curious and at many times can be make really rash decisions, as well as being quirky. Despite his flaws, he is nonetheless willing to help those in need of saving and to get some booze and he may be all out of booze. While he may occasionally be lazy and prone to slacking off, he does care about his friends and will do his best to save the day so he doesn't end up becoming a load. He also has a hatred of bats. Half of the time he can be rather immature and mischevious, which can make him somewhat overbearing on FlamingoMask. He and FlamingoMask's relationship can be summed up as akin to a younger brother and older brother type, due to the two tending to clash at times, but still look out for each other. Similar to SquidMask, he too is also pervy and acts as the comic relief of the group, however unlike his predecessor, his perviness is more immature and juvenile in comparison, often just making sex jokes and being flirty (sometimes). Also like SquidMask, he too is also an alcoholic, but in his case, he often drinks for "joy", not drinking it out of depression.

While Neo SquidMask hasn't gone through half of the stuff SquidMask has endured, he too also harbors a more serious side, however he hides it very deeply as well as his past, so much so to the point nothing is known about still (yet) at the time of writing. Neo SquidMask is also prone to poking fun of his opponents often in battle, being very snarky (both to his enemies and his comrades) to a degree he can weaponize it. At the same time, he makes him of himself very often as well, often calling himself the "Diet SquidMask", the "lesser popular one", among other things. Despite this, he does not like to be thought of as an imitator or a poor stand-in.

In regards to the Units, he mainly gets along with them very well, but seems to respect and hang out with Sagiri the most, being thankful for her helping him out often and giving him the Ika Sticker to begin with. He also occasionally helps her out on her science experiments and goes into combat with her. What their relationship is beyond this isn't clear. Neo SquidMask's best friends besides FlamingoMask or Sagiri are MoleMask and PuppetMask, the former of which he also goes into combat with the most and while they might not agree with everything on each other, he considers MoleMask to be a cool guy to hang out with. As for PuppetMask, he gets along well with him very much, the two often trading witty remarks to each other, despite being initially creeped out by him (and to a degree can still be startled by him when he appears without warning).

A major weakness of Neo SquidMask is that he is also impatient, often not wanting to wait for very long and will jump to conclusions fast. He also can be somewhat a little too addicted to electrical matters that feed him, but he knows when to stop. He is also gluttonous when eating food, eating lots of food at a quick rate and showing little to no table manners.


Debut: FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask's Bogus Adventure

Main article: FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask's Bogus Adventure.

Other Worldly Chess

A couple of Glokers appeared in Fukuoka, where they had targeted the Fukuoka Power Plant and rushed in to destroy them. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask quickly took notice of the two Glokers and headed in for battle; the super-heroine Supergirl then also appeared and flew in to battle. Gloker Pawn 2 raised up his Pawn Cannons and was about to open fire at the Power Plant, but then Supergirl flew in and punched at it, followed up by FlamingoMask firing his Flamingo Beam against Gloker Pawn 2 as well.

As Gloker Pawn 2 was getting tackled, Gloker Pawn 1 raised up his cannons and was just about to open fire, but then Neo SquidMask and Supergirl rushed towards the Gloker and wailed on it. Gloker then thrashed it's arms at Supergirl and Neo SquidMask, swatting at them like flies. FlamingoMask then punched hard against Gloker Pawn 2. Supergirl then breathed her Ice Breath against Gloker Pawn 1, followed up by Neo SquidMask wrapping his tentacles and shocking the Gloker with them. The attacks shocked and froze the Gloker for a bit, inflicting some damage.

FlamingoMask then repeatedly bashed Gloker Pawn 2 in the face. Gloker Pawn 2 then raised up it's cannons and opened fire at Supergirl and Neo SquidMask. Neo SquidMask hid into Shadow Zone and Supergirl flew out of the way and then pushed Gloker Pawn 1 out of the way from the Power Plant. FlamingoMask then kicked against Gloker Pawn 2, sending it flying and crashing against some buildings, getting further aways from the power plant.

Neo SquidMask then reappeared out from Shadow Zone and whipped his tentacles at Gloker Pawn 1. Gloker Pawn 1 and 2 regrouped and then fired laser rounds from their Pawn Cannons, blasting all around at the heroes. Supergirl grabbed a large piece of land to block the lasers, and FlamingoMask created a shield to protect him from the rounds. Supergirl then flew towards the two Glokers, punching them repeatedly, FlamingoMask sent his Wrecking Flail at their heads, sending out sparks and then Neo SquidMask sent out a stream of ink at the Glokers. The two Glokers were hit by all of the attacks but then began to combine to become one being; Gloker Rook.

Gloker Rook then initiated it's attack and fired it's Rook Cannons at Neo SquidMask, sending him a hundred yards away. Supergirl then fired lasers at Gloker Rook, and FlamingoMask fired Shadow Ball against it. Gloker Rook wasn't hurt much though and tanked through the attacks. Before it could do more damage, Supergirl then spun around Gloker Rook, making it levitate. Gloker Rook flailed around as he was being levitated, then FlamingoMask fired three light orbs against Gloker Rook, sending him down and creating some explosions.

Neo SquidMask then returned to the battle and fired electrical bolts of lightning from his trident at Gloker Rook. Gloker Rook staggered around, taking heavy hits. Supergirl then flew over and tripped Gloker Rook over; at that moment, Supergirl then fired her eye lasers down at the Gloker Rook, followed up by Neo SquidMask shooting bolts of lightning at the Gloker Rook, and then FlamingoMask threw his Shadow Slugger at the beast.

Gloker Rook was sliced in half by the Shadow Slugger and then gets blasted by the other attacks, blowing it up and creating a massive explosion. As the blasted cleared, there was no Gloker Rook in sight. Neo SquidMask, FlamingoMask and Supergirl were victorious. With that, all three heroes congratulated each other and then took off, their work there now done. Shin SquidMask took off into his Shadow Zone, heading to somewhere else.

The Faceless Phantom Walks Among Us

Main article: The Faceless Phantom Walks Among Us.

Designated Villains

Upon hearing news of some killings occurring at Brooklyn caused by some masked vigilante, FlamingoMask decided to fly over to Brooklyn, meanwhile Neo SquidMask simply just used Shadow Zone to get there. Upon arriving to Brooklyn, there they met many frightened civilians...who then proceeded to attack them with rocks and other objects, not wanting anymore "freaks" in the city. A riot then broke out with the civilians out of fear and hatred, they then attacked the Shadowbloods; FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask fought them off as much as they could. Suddenly, several civilians collapse in pain, as gunshots ring out in the street; a shadowy figure appears above the mob, firing several more rounds, before landing in front of the Shadowbloods; it was CoyoteMask. CoyoteMask then suggested the two to get further back as the mob wasn't done yet. The civilians open fire, throwing trash and weapons at the Shadowblood hybrid; to which FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask ducked down.

CoyoteMask then opened fire his guns at the vicious, angry mob, causing the civilians run away, blood filling the street, heading into the sewage drains as the crowd screams in terror. Soon, the crowd is gone, leaving only the Shadowbloods behind, as well as that first civilian, who is on the ground bleeding. CoyoteMask was tempted to shoot the civilian, but then let him go. CoyoteMask then turned to FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask, telling them that whatever they were looking for, they won't find it. CoyoteMask then asked to who were Neo SquidMask (and FlamingoMask) were, to which they both replied that they were both Shadowbloods. CoyoteMask then asked if he was one of "them", to which FlamingoMask replied with a simple "I think so, yeah". CoyoteMask said that he guessed that made them all freaks in a way and then sadly turned aways. FlamingoMask then flew off, leaving CoyoteMask be and Neo SquidMask took off into Shadow Zone as well.

The Monster of a Dozen Mouths

Main article: The Monster of a Dozen Mouths.


Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask then traveled again to New York City, where the two were at first just chilling, up until they looked up and saw a new Shadowblood PuppetMask fighting against two identical copies of himself. Curious, FlamingoMask observed the fight some more, impressed. However, right as they were just finished watching, PuppetMask then spotted them and stared down at them. Suddenly, he was gone. FlamingoMask suggested to look for him, but then PuppetMask then appeared to the two, startling the two and even causing Neo SquidMask to ink himself. However, they quickly realized that PuppetMask in that despite his appearance, wasn't dangerous at all and he and Neo SquidMask then talked to PuppetMask some more, getting to know him.

However then at that moment, all of a sudden a bunch of people flee in the background,as if running away from something really bad. Some cars are then sent flying aways, to which it's then revealed that a bus-sized monster then runs in, roaring and chasing it's prey; Bonemite had appeared. FlamingoMask then flew up in the air and fought off Bonemite by firing down his Flamingo Beam and then using his Wrecking Flail. After a brief but violent battle, Bonemite then retreated, with FlamingoMask, PuppetMask and Neo SquidMask successful. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then thanked and congratulated PuppetMask on help and then they all went their separate ways, with Neo SquidMask hoping into his Shadow Zone and then fleeing.

Miami Mayhem

Neo SquidMask went along with FlamingoMask at Miami where he also investigated some suspicious activity there. While FlamingoMask took to the beach to search, Neo SquidMask went to the streets where he quickly then spotted a tourist being attacked by Ash in human form. Ash then threw the tourist's leg at him, then making her escape. Neo SquidMask then chased after her in his Shadow Zone. Neo SquidMask then chased after Ash unknowingly into a clothing store, where Ash then silently took off only then to finally appear to him by appearing behind Neo SquidMask.

Ash then slashed her claws against Neo SquidMask, causing Neo SquidMask to bleed shadows. Ash then proceeded to beat down Neo SquidMask, up until then Neo SquidMask summoned out his tentacles to shock her. Ash then escaped from his grasp and proceeded to taunt Neo SquidMask, then slashed at his tentacles. While this, Ash proceeded to kill some cops around the area. After some more fighting, Ash then retreated, taking off in her human form; to which Neo SquidMask then lost sight of her. Neo SquidMask then took off into his Shadow Zone, regrouping back with FlamingoMask and PuppetMask near the end of the RP.


Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask would later appear at Seattle, looking for Ash but then suddenly a strange pterodactyl alien lifeform appeared; Ridely!!! Neo SquidMask fired bolts of lightning at Ridely, but Ridely wasn't harmed much by it. Ridely put up a major fight and then beat up Neo SquidMask and him as well, to which FlamingoMask then bashed his Wrecking Flail against him. Having gotten what he came for, Ridely then flew off aways, leaving FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask alone. As the two Shadowbloods regrouped, the soldiers of Seattle then came and assigned FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask to further locate and track down Ridely. They accepted, but FlamingoMask suggested that they should get some help from PuppetMask....who then also appeared to them, stating that he was watching them the whole time.

With that, FlamingoMask, PuppetMask and Neo SquidMask then went off, in search of Ridely.

They Call Him Dart

FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask continued their hunt for Ridely in Seattle where they prowled the streets and Neo SquidMask had missed his sleep for three straight days to do so. However they were then intercepted by Dart. As FlamingoMask fought off Dart, Ash then reappeared to Neo SquidMask to settle the score. Neo SquidMask then fought off Ash wit his fist, causing the two to get into a fistfight. Neo SquidMask hopped up and then spun around with tentacles in the air, then propelling himself at Ash, his tentacles spinning around like helicopter blades, only for Ash to step aside. SasquatchMask then stepped in the fight, to which then Neo SquidMask then fired a stream of ink at her.

Neo SquidMask then fired down his electric bolts at Ash some more, followed up by whipping his tentacles at her. After some more fighting, SasquatchMask then fought off Ash instead so then Neo SquidMask appeared and wrapped his tentacles around Dart, badly shocking Dart. Neo SquidMask then tossed Dart away, to which Dart then landed on some debris and passed out, defeated. FlamingoMask then flew over to SasquatchMask and Neo SquidMask to help them out, then battling against Ash. FlamingoMask flailed his Wrecking Flail at Ash, but Ash didn't feel much from it. FlamingoMask then fired his Flamingo Beams at Ash, burning her a bit and then finally followed it up with a Flamingo Kick against Ash, sending Ash against a building. Ash then slithered away and retreated however. FlamingoMask then regrouped with Neo SquidMask and SasquatchMask and thanked them for the help. Neo SquidMask then passed out from the fight and FlamingoMask then took him with, flying aways with him.

SquidMask vs.....SquidMask!?

Main article: SquidMask vs.....SquidMask!?.

The Robot of My Dreams

Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask then appeared at Tacoma, where the two were relaxing but then spotted Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi fighting each other for someone they both loved. FlamingoMask felt that that they shouldn't get involved with their conflict; however then a new and much more irritating threat appeared by the arrival of the rude and obnoxious Vernonn and his gang of alien thugs. Clearly not wanting to these guys to derail things further or make things worse, Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask then ran in and fought off the thugs; Neo SquidMask fought off the other four alien thugs while FlamingoMask fought off Vernonn himself, however he found Vernonn to be quite cheap to fight, especially since he kept dodging his attacks.

Then all of a sudden, some loud rumblings can be heard coming from underground; AdonisGoji had arrived unexpectedly. After AdonisGoji slaughtered the rest of Vernnon's men and then brutally killed off Vernonn, AdonisGoji then set sights on FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask, Garbage Monster and Wangmagwi. Neo SquidMask then rushed in with FlamingoMask, bashing his trident against AdonisGoji, but AdonisGoji tanked their attacks and then clubbed them away with his spiky clubbed tail, followed up his eye lasers. Neo SquidMask (and FlamingoMask) barely avoided out of the way in time and then rolled over.

After some more fighting with AdonisGoji; Robot Daughter then appeared, rushing in to assist them in the fight. FlamingoMask was confused at first, as was Neo SquidMask. Finally, Robot Daughter fought with the wild mutant Gojiran some more, then forcing AdonisGoji to retreat. Mist then rolled in, coming this way. Evening was approaching. Just before FlamingoMask could thank Robot Daughter for her help, she then mysteriously vanished. FlamingoMask found this odd. With their work done there overall; FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then reverted back to normal size and then headed off, then heading into a bar for the night. Neo SquidMask commented stating this was the weirdest day of his life.

The Bat Invasion Pt. 1: Challenge of the Vampire Nobleman

Neo SquidMask later on returned home with FlamingoMask and immediately slept on the couch, passing out for a while until pizza rolls were being made. Later on, Double Bat and his army of bats then flew into the city, to which Neo SquidMask alerted FlamingoMask and Ayame about his presence. With the bats swarming all over, FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask and the Units then headed over to go to Machine G, with Neo SquidMask entering in his Shadow Zone to get across.

Then, Machine G appeared to combat against Double Bat and his horde, and Double Bat then ordered his army of bats to obliterate them. The bats flew in faster, with Double Bat leading the charge. Machine G then fired it's Twin Maser Cannons at Double Bat's forces, to which Double Bat flew out of the way to avoid. The maser beams then clashed into the swarm of bats, frying chunks of them, causing them to fly down to the ground. Double Bat regained flight, then ordering the swarm of bats to fly the other way to attack them. Machine G and Double Bat and his army of bats would then fight for a while, even if someone was thrashing inside of Machine G's controls.

Sagiri checked on Machine G's controls and noticed soon right away that something or someone was messing up the insides of Machine G's chest. Neo SquidMask then went into his Shadow Zone to check out what was going. As Neo SquidMask arrived to the inside of Machine G's chest; there he found the fake FlamingoMask trying to rig the insides of Machine G. Knowing he wasn't the real FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask demanded the impostor to drop the disguise; to which Salamander then transformed into his Neo SquidMask disguise. The fake Neo SquidMask then fired a stream of flames at Neo SquidMask, to which Neo SquidMask then leaped up to avoid, only to hit his head against the ceiling, landing down. Neo SquidMask then shot out a stream of ink at his impostor; temporarily blinding him. The fake Neo SquidMask then shedded his disguise and revealed himself to be Salamander.

Salamander introduced himself to Neo SquidMask and then began to do battle with him, lashing his whip at him. Neo SquidMask lashed his tentacles at Salamander in retaliation; the two would then fight each other inside Machine G's chest for a while. Salamander soon got the upper hand and then grab Neo SquidMask and throw him against a wall; just as Salamander was about to whip against Neo SquidMask; Neo SquidMask then hid in his Shadow Zone. Salamander looked for him a bit, then Neo SquidMask reappeared from behind Salamander and then bashing Salamander's head with one of his tentacles, then delivering electrical shocks against him with his tentacles. Salamander yelled, thrashing about, before retaliating by breathing his fire breath back at Neo SquidMask, torching him.

Salamander and Neo SquidMask then continue to duke it out, with Neo SquidMask carefully trying to avoid hitting as many controls inside as possible. Before Salamander could whiplash again, Sagiri then arrived and hacked her Dynamite Blade against Salamander. Salamander then got prepared to fight both Sagiri and Neo SquidMask, allowing the two to charge at him, only for him to leap up and climb on the ceiling, then drop down and tackled them both. Neo SquidMask then kicked Salamander off, and Salamander rolled over. Sagiri and Neo SquidMask then both kicked and stomped against him, to which Salamander then leaps back up, spraying a few flames at them.

Not wanting Salamander to stick around any longer and growing tired of his presence, Sagiri then gathered up energy within her Dynamite Blade and then hurled it at Salamander, intending for it to finish him off. However, this was what Salamander wanted, and Salamander then smirked, leaping out of the way out of the blade just in time; causing the Dynamite Blade to hit against the insides of Machine G's controls and wires....damaging them. Machine G then slowly de-activates; Neo SquidMask and Sagiri were both in shock in what just happened. Salamander then began to taunt the two.

As Sagiri and Neo SquidMask then headed over to gang up on Salamander, Salamander then crawled aways, retreating, having accomplished his goal for the time. Sagiri and Neo SquidMask would have some bad news to bear to the other Units. Following a long battle against Double Bat and the bats, the Units and Machine G were victorious, but unfortunately Machine G was thrashed from the inside due to Salamander's internvention, Ayame had been capture and FlamingoMask was shot down.

While he did not appears in parts two and three, he did become aware of Ayame's return and Double Bat's demise.

King Ulysses

Neo SquidMask later reappeared to help out FlamingoMask, SharkMask and the Units to combat against King Ulysses. After having a lengthy battle against him, Neo SquidMask created a thunderstorm and threw several lightning bolts against him, unfortunately this did little to stop King Ulysses who simply used Time Freeze to stop the attacks or redirect them back against Neo SquidMask. Eventually he was rescued however and traveled with SharkMask.


Later on, Neo SquidMask went along with FlamingoMask to go fight off Phantoon in New York City, where he mainly fired his electric bolts at the monster. He also rescued some of the civilians, but ultimately didn't get to do much fighting against Phantoon, due to FlamingoMask taking care of him the most. After Phantoon retreated for the time, Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask then also fled.

Far Among the Galaxy Is Where Your Home Lies Pt. 1

Neo SquidMask appeared briefly in the RP where he traveled with Machine G in the forest and helped fight off Robot FlamingoMask along with SwanMask.

Far Among the Galaxy Is Where Your Home Lies Pt. 2

Neo SquidMask appeared near the end of the RP where he showed up again to welcome back FlamingoMask and thanked him for defeating Robot FlamingoMask.

The Brotherhood of Shadowbloods, Rise!!

Neo SquidMask appeared briefly in the beginning of the RP, stating that he was looking forward to Saturday being a free day.

The Cat Creeps

Neo SquidMask was the first one inside of Machine G to notice something was up with FlamingoMask and spotted CatMask. He soon called out the Units and chased after CatMask along with PuppetMask and SwanMask, only to be led into a trap which had MouseMask there instead. Neo SquidMask then got ready to fight against CatMask, MouseMask and HyenaMask.

Triple Devil Strategy

Neo SquidMask mainly fought off against CatMask along with SwanMask's help. CatMask created a sandstorm against SwanMask and Neo SquidMask, to which SwanMask whipped her whip against CatMask. SwanMask and CatMask then got into a fist fight, which soon led to Neo SquidMask joining in and whipping his tentacles at her. CatMask then bit off some of his tentacles, causing Neo SquidMask pain. CatMask then used her claws some more against SwanMask, but then SaberMask appeared and punched her in the gut----to which CatMask then did some backflips away from. CatMask then charged in and stabbed her Cat Claws into SaberMask, to which SaberMask grabbed her by the claws and threw her away. CatMask then created a sandstorm against the two, but still took on some damage.

FlamingoMask then flew in and helped SwanMask though, causing him to fire a Flamingo Beam against CatMask, and then for SwanMask to deflect her sand attacks back at CatMask. Neo SquidMask then got back in the game and shocked her tentacles against CatMask. FlamingoMask then went back to battling CatMask, however it was short-lived as then CatMask kicked him aways and then regrouped with MouseMask and HyenaMask. Neo SquidMask then observed the rest of the battle (as there was nothing else much left he could do) and watched as SaberMask defeated the three evil Shadowbloods. Following this, Neo SquidMask tried to keep tensions chill between SaberMask and FlamingoMask, though his attempts were less than stellar.

One Crazy Invasion! We Love You Sagiri!!

Neo SquidMask was called in by Manager Baltan to help chase out the angry customer kaiju. Oil Drinker and Astromons were on a destructive rampage, until Neo SquidMask approached them both. Neo SquidMask threatened the two that if they were to continue rampaging some more on Manager Baltan's restaurant, he would shove his (Oil Drinker's) head up Astromon's flower gorge. They both thought he was bluffing, so they proceeded. Neo SquidMask however was not full of empty threats as he then did so shove Oil Drinker's head up Astromon's flower gorge, causing them both immense pain. Eventually the two managed to separate, and the two then fled the scene. After that, FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask, Ayame and Sagiri were treated to free meals at the Kaiju Sakaba.

Following that, the four were discussing some plans on what to do that night, however before they could even get farther, metallic footsteps could be heard. Something was sucking up trees and it was revealed to be Vacumira!! FlamingoMask got ready for a fight, but Vacumira sucked up Sagiri from her vacuum hand and then flew off, having gotten what she came for. FlamingoMask, Ayame and Neo SquidMask then chased after her. FlamingoMask, Ayame and Neo SquidMask spent sometime looking over for Sagiri, up until they found a bright UFO flying to Kobe, Japan. As the three searched the UFO, they noticed that Sagiri was inside, singing to some Alien Shamers. FlamingoMask decided that they should take some action.

Once the Shamers sent out Vacumira again to attack the city, Neo SquidMask grew to giant size to combat her; leaving FlamingoMask and Ayame to infiltrate the saucer and get back Sagiri. The two then fought for a while, with Neo SquidMask soon getting slammed down to the ground by Vacumira, to which Vacumira followed up by sucking up a train and shooting it back at Neo SquidMask. Neo SquidMask sprayed a stream of ink back against Vacumira; Vacumira then fought back violently by using her Vacuum Hand to try to suck in Neo SquidMask's head into her hand. Neo SquidMask managed to get her off by kicking her in the gut, causing Vacumira to stagger back.

The fight got more tense, with the two Shadowbloods against four giant Alien Shamers and Vacumira---it seemed that how could it get any worse? Then from out of the blue, Astromons's Girlfriend popped out of the ground and railed at FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask, roaring at them for what they did to Astromon's earlier and why was their so much undeeded light out, only for one of the Shamers to fire their energy discs at her. This angered Astromons's Girlfriend and she gave them a savage beating, leaving only Vacumira for them to deal with.

FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask fought off Vacumira for a while, before then blasting their beams together against her twice, the first time to send her back, the second time which blew up the Alien Shamers's saucer. With their ship now destroyed and their light now gone too the Alien Shamers then shrunk down to tiny size due to the now lack of light in their area and retreated onto the badly beaten Vacumira, swearing vengeance someday. FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask then reverted back to normal size and regrouped with Ayame and Sagiri. Then they all went home, speechless.

A (Poorly) Planned Revenge!!

Alien Shamers then returned to Earth to seek revenge on FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask by traveling to San Jose and bringing in many other saucers of there's, however they didn't get far as then RerekGoji blasted their ships all apart and GTGOT also partook in blowing up their ships. Frustrated by these turn of events, Shamallama and the three Shamers then grew to giant size and combatted FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask and GTGOT. At first the Shamers were easily beaten around with the combined forces but then Alien Shamers became intangible, making them difficult to actually do anything about.

However Neo SquidMask and GTGOT managed to beat up Alien Shamer 2 and 3 (by repeatedly pelting them with their strongest attacks) and Alien Shamer 1 was taken down by FlamingoMask. Shamallama then summoned out a monster to assist him at the last minute---CenturyDesutoroia!! However this did not help out Alien Shamer Shamallama much as then he was sucked into Neo SquidMask's Shadow Zone, turning him very small. CenturyDesutoroia fought off the two Shadowbloods for a while and put up a challenge, but he was soon defeated by the two's combined attacks, forcing him to retreat. The Alien Shamers fled the scene as well, having plans to try again later. FlamingoMask then flew back home, tired (as did Neo SquidMask).

Supercharged: Revenge of the Underground Demon

Main article: Supercharged: Revenge of the Underground Demon.

Publicity Stunt Pt. 1

Neo SquidMask was initially distrusting to MoleMask as he was previously with the Brotherhood of Shadowbloods, recalling a similar encounter with Double Bat. Nonetheless, Neoo SquidMask stuck around as MoleMask hung around with FlamingoMask some more, only for Black X then to appear to capture the two with his capsules. FlamingoMask would then go on a quest to get them back.

Publicity Stunt Pt. 2

Neo SquidMask awoke to find himself trapped in an energy barrier cage, where he was placed next to Neo SquidMask. Neo SquidMask initially thought that MoleMask had actually faked his defection and had captured him, ranting on him. However MoleMask then told him back that he had been captured too. When both Clayton F. Topaz and Black X reappeared to the two, MoleMask asked Clayton F. Topaz what he was planning to do them; Clayton F. Topaz refused to tell them his plan, but hinted to the two of them that they would never walk on the streets again after his press conference. Clayton F. Topaz then took off downstairs for his press conference and made Black X the guard. Neo SquidMask didn't take this well.

Neo SquidMask tried to escape with his Shadow Zone and tentacles, but that didn't work. However then FlamingoMask and Ayame then came to the rescue; with FlamingoMask fighting off Black X and Ayame freeing both MoleMask and Neo SquidMask after destroying the controls to the energy barrier cages. FlamingoMask then descended downstairs and then exposed Clayton F. Topaz on live camera. Neo SquidMask would then help escort several audience members to escape Topaz Industries.

Neo SquidMask was present for viewing the destruction of Topaz Industries and was relieved to see that FlamingoMask had survived the blast, watching him fly over. However, it wasn't over yet, as also then flying in the sky came a new threat...

Black X's Secret

Neo SquidMask later regrouped with FlamingoMask when FlamingoMask then soon escaped from the river and regrouped along with the Units, LobsterMask, MoleMask, PuppetMask and Neo SquidMask, telling them that Clayton F. Topaz was no more, but Black X got away. FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask, PuppetMask and MoleMask then went out on a search for Black X. Soon, once FlamingoMask reached the forest along with PuppetMask and Neo SquidMask, they were intercepted by Black X and FlyMask.

When FlyMask also approached behind them, FlyMask then threw some of her Fly Grenades at the bridge and Black X summoned his orbs, destroying the bridge. Luckily, FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask and PuppetMask were able to avoid in time. Black X then landed down next to FlamingoMask and then fought him off once more.

Only for FlamingoMask to then perform Flamingo Dive against him. Black X then summoned out some orbs to fire their lasers at Neo SquidMask, to which Neo SquidMask then hid into his Shadow Zone. PuppetMask then destroyed the orbs with his Puppet Blast. FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Punch against Black X's chest, causing Black X intense damage. It only got worse when FlyMask then sprayed out her acid shower, intending to hit PuppetMask and FlamingoMask, only they got out of the way in time and hit Black X instead. As the acid began to corrode Black X's armor---PuppetMask then called Black X "old man". Black X then stood, visor finally cracking and tore through the metallic armor---revealing herself to actually be ChameleonMask.

ChameleonMask then whipped her tongue against FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask and PuppetMask, punching them all down. ChameleonMask then resumed fighting of FlamingoMask, smacking her nunchucks against him. FlamingoMask and ChameleonMask then dueled each other with their weapons. ChameleonMask then kicked FlamingoMask in the groin, sending him down for a bit. However then MoleMask came bursting out of the ground, sending her flying back. ChameleonMask then fought off MoleMask, Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask some more, before then camouflage and seemingly vanished. Afterwards, FlamingoMask then regrouped his friends and then flew off.

Passenger of the Undead, PlagueMask

Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask and MoleMask then traveled to Reno, Nevada where there they fought off Vernonn and chased him off. However, then PlagueMask arrived and he proved to be quite the challenge for them. Neo SquidMask did fair amount of damage against PlagueMask, but found him frustrating and difficult to fight, and also got hit by his magic bolts a lot. Neo SquidMask then changed into his Supercharged form to save the day, but ultimately got little time to use it as then PlagueMask made his escape. Neo SquidMask then fled the scene, along with FlaingoMask and MoleMask.

Sagiri's Inside Story

Neo SquidMask played a minor role in the RP, where he was present to see LobsterMask's fight with Giant Sagiri and commented on it.

The Curse of the Nebuse Diamond

Neo SquidMask later on appeared where Inspector Cypher then assigned FlamingoMask, MoleMask, Neo SquidMask and LobsterMask out to retrieve the Nebuse Diamond back before sunrise....along with PlagueMask, who Neo SquidMask didn't want to work with but had no choice. Along the search, he and PlagueMask did not get along well in it. Later on, when FlamingoMask and his group managed to locate ChameleonMask's hideout, they ran into some Shadelinqs. LobsterMask, MoleMask and Neo SquidMask held off the Shadelinqs while FlamingoMask (as well as PlagueMask) infiltrated the hideout. Neo SquidMask managed to destroy most of the Shadelinqs and their forces with his Thunderstorm technique, having finally gotten the hang of it. Eventually, FlamingoMask then got the diamond (and a piece was given to PlagueMask), and returned it to the Field Museum in Chicago.

CatMask's Revenge: Challenge of the Blood Sucker

Neo SquidMask joined in on FlamingoMask's and MoleMask's search for the LeechMask, where he also noticed some Shadelinqs had appeared. Following the Shadelinqs beating of Neo SquidMask and him falling unconscious, LeechMask then went up to him and inspected him, before then getting ready to suck his "blood". Before she could get further though, MoleMask then arrived and hurled garlic at LeechMask. By the time he finally woke up, the fight was already over, with LeechMask retreated.

Bring Me the Blood of FlamingoMask!

Neo SquidMask would later on get to fight off LeechMask again, this time within Machine G, where he and Unit 5 Brownie spotted her being the cause of draining Sagiri and taking out the power for the mecha and then proceeded to warn the others. However they were cut short, as then LeechMask targeted Neo SquidMask and Unit 5 Brownie, then draining them of their power too. Once again Neo SquidMask was taken out before he could do much more.

The Ultraman Scam Plan

Neo SquidMask was originally chilling out at Algona, Iowa along with FlamingoMask and MoleMask up until a monster known as Gagan appeared. Neo SquidMask prepared to do combat, but then Ultraman Jiǎ came in and seemingly defeated the monster. Neo SquidMask was suspicious on the way how Jia acted, and his thoughts were confirmed when he saw Gagan reappear all fine and then fly off. Neo SquidMask then joined FlamingoMask and MoleMask to spy on Ultraman Jia and heard that it was actually a scam planned by Vernonn's group to steal people out of their money. Neo SquidMask, FlamingoMask and MoleMask then headed out of there. Neo SquidMask then decided to get some evidence, so then he went to Kmart and bought some cameras for himself to film Jia in the act.

Neo SquidMask reappeared where he caught Ultraman Jia on camera during his fight with FlamingoMask, thus exposing him to everyone. Now exposed, Ultraman Jiǎ then decided to fight them off and destroy them. Following Ultraman Jiǎ's exposure to the public, Vernonn's forces then arrived. Neo SquidMask mainly fought off Excrementgon on his Supercharged form. Excrementgon threw poop at Supercharged Neo SquidMask repeatedly, but he was soon defeated by Supercharged Neo SquidMask firing both his missiles and Electricity Beam against Excrementgon, taking him down. Following the defeat of Vernonn's forces, Neo SquidMask was ready to go home, only for Vernonn to rise back out, determined to take the three out. However then the wind got extremely harsh and a giant shadow flew overheard to their area, a loud and might cry could be heard. Vernonn then looked up into the sky and got ready to face the newcomer opponent...

Here Comes PteraMask

Following Vernonn's destruction by PteraMask, Neo SquidMask went up to greet PteraMask and though she seemed like a nice gal, and was also surprised that FlamingoMask didn't tell him that he had a cousin at that point. Later at Machine G, Neo SquidMask jokingly suggested that PteraMask should not share a room with him.

Later on, Sagiri then informed them that the GDF had told them to dispose of a very dangerous interdimensional gun that some villains had been trying to get their hands on as of late, Garbage Monster being the most recent. PteraMask decided that they should go to Moana Lua to destroy the gun, which FlamingoMask agreed with.

Neo SquidMask along with the rest of Flamingo Squadron then arrived at Moana Lua the next day to go destroy the gun in the volcano, but were met with some resistance by Robot FlamingoMask and Garbage Monster, who had made a temporary alliance. Neo SquidMask then used his Supercharged form to fight Garbage Monster, as well as Robot FlamingoMask briefly. Eventually following Robot FlamingoMask's apparent demise and the activity of the volcano, PteraMask and FlamingoMask then flew off, with the rest of their gang (Neo SquidMask included) following them with of course.

A Roach's Life

Neo SquidMask reappeared halfway though the RP where he came to assist FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Kurutta to stop GokiMask and his roaches, turning into Supercharged Neo SquidMask. As Supercharged Neo SquidMask and FlamingoMask destroyed more of GokiMask's roaches, GokiMask then joined in to help his roaches, using Goki Dynamite against the two. GokiMask used his Goki Dynamite repeatedly, creating big explosions and sending back FlamingoMask and Supercharged Neo SquidMask back aways. GokiMask then summoned more of his roaches against the two Shadowbloods, only for Kurutta to join back in. GokiMask noticed him and tried to blow him up with his Goki Dynamite, only to blow up the building he was no longer on instead. Kurutta then destroyed many roaches with his Angilas form, angering GokiMask some more.

GokiMask then gathered his remaining roaches and then formed "Million Roaches", his last resort to beating the heroes. FlamingoMask, Supercharged Neo SquidMask and Kamen Rider Kurutta then fought back hard, with Kurutta then entering his Kumonga form and then doing damage against GokiMask/Million Roaches. FlamingoMask grew to giant size and then flew over GokiMask/Million Roaches, firing light blasts at him and pointing to aim was his head. GokiMask/Million Roaches was then defeated by Supercharged Neo SquidMask firing an electrical beam at his "head" and Kurutta using his kick attack against them/him, destroying many of his roaches and sending GokiMask's head and body flying off into the distance, before then landing on RaccoonMask. Neo SquidMask then reverted to normal and took off.


Later on in Mankato following the advent of GokiMask, Neo SquidMask played a minor role in the RP where he felt hungry and wanted to get a snack, so he left to get some tacos. When he returned to FlamingoMask and Ayame, he found them at the museum in fighting off PharaohMask. Neo SquidMask fought off PharaohMask by firing his electric bolts at him, also coming up with some quips against him (although he ended up failing to come up with a proper quip for him). Neo SquidMask fought off PharaohMask and his scarabs some more, but ultimately he proved to only slow down the insane pharaoh.

PharaohMask's Counterattack

Neo SquidMask played a minor role in the RP where he spotted RaccoonMask as well as PharaohMask and CatMask again, and joined FlamingoMask, Ayame, Unica, MoleMask and LobsterMask in fighting them all. Neo SquidMask mainly fought off RaccoonMask, shocking at him with his tentacles, to which RaccoonMask then slashed his Raccoon Machete against his tentacles, forcing Neo SquidMask to reel them back. As CatMask created a sandstorm with the help of the Scarab Shadelinqs, Neo SquidMask created a Shadow Zone for everyone in the area to get into for safety to avoid the sandstorm and their enemies; they did so, only to lose FlamingoMask however. Afterward, CatMask sent a giant wave of sand at them, knocking everyone out, Neo SquidMask included. Following the "defeat" of PharaohMask, Neo SquidMask took off along with Ayame and FlamingoMask.

Judgement of the Darkness Pharaoh

Neo SquidMask appeared in the beginning of the RP where he and Ayame were left in charge of the Flamingo Squadron base/Machine G as LobsterMask, MoleMask and Sonnet went out to rescue FlamingoMask.

The Mission Without FlamingoMask

Following the events of the PharaohMask incident, FlamingoMask was hospitlized, leaving Neo SquidMask and Ayame in charge while he's gone. Neo SquidMask didn't see much or any activity at all for the first day without FlamingoMask, so then he went to take a break. As he was lying down on top though, then a giant monster then arrived into town---it was Sedegan. Neo SquidMask then turned giant and went up to Sedegan, noticing something was off about him. Neo SquidMask tried to talking to him on what his problem, given the apparent darkness energy surrounding him but S! Sedegan brushed him off, wanting to continue his rampage and not wanting Neo SquidMask to turn him back to normal.

S! Sedgan then revealed to Neo SquidMask about his past on how come nobody ever noticed him and him being tired of being picked on constantly (chiefly by Gabara). S! Sedegan then fired out his Dark Snot Bombs at Neo SquidMask's area, seemingly dealing with him. S! Sedegan then headed out to Minneapolis where he then began beating up Gabara, getting payback at him for all of the times for using him (Sedegan) as a punching bag. After much pummeling, S! Sedegan then threw Gabara aways, then resuming his rampage. Neo SquidMask then reported what he saw to the Units and then they flew off to Minnesota, where Sedegan was said to be rampaging at, beating up Gabara.

As Neo SquidMask landed down with Machine G, S! Sedegan then fired his Dark Eye Lasers at the two, sending Machine G and Neo SquidMask staggering back. Neo SquidMask followed up on his attack by firing his electric bolts at S! Sedegan's area, followed up by Machine G firing out it's Atomic Cannon Ray down at the area, creating some explosions. S! Sedegan moved out of the way of both attacks in time, then fires out Darkness Thunder Bombs at the two's area. Neo SquidMask and Machine G then fought off S! Sedegan some more, before then S! Sedegan used Dark Thunder Outburst, sending them flying back aways.

Just when it seemed S! Sedegan had an edge however, Kamen Rider Genm and IbisMask appeared to combat him as well. S! Sedegan fired out his Dark Thunder Bombs from his nose at the newcomers, only for Kamen Rider Genm to glide through his attack and punch him in the face very hard, with IbisMask then shooting him with her musket. Kamen Rider Genm, IbisMask, Neo SquidMask and Machine G then continued fighting off S! Sedegan some more before then S! Sedegan was defeated by the combined attacks from Kamen Rider Genm's Rider Kick attack, IbisMask's Musket blast, Neo SquidMask's Electrical Bolts combined and Machine G's Atomic Cannon Ray, defeating him. Following his defeat, he was stripped of his Dark Thunder energy, reducing back to his original size and back to normal. As Sedegan walked off, Gabara then chased him, causing the two to flee. Neo SquidMask tried flying up with Machine G, only then to remember that he couldn't fly, so he just used Shadow Zone instead.

The Bat Noblewoman from Hell

Neo SquidMask later appeared in Nagoya to do combat against BatMask and a brain-washed Kamen Rider Kurutta. Neo SquidMask mainly fought off Kamen Rider Kurutta, firing out his electric bolts and smacking his tentacles across him, though the fight was incredibly fierce, BatMask's Kamakaijin joining in on the fight not helping matters. Neo SquidMask fought his best against them and managed to defeat Kamen Rider Kurutta with the help of MoleMask and Ayame, however then BatMask came in and fought back, to which Neo SquidMask then entered his supercharged form and attacked, interrupting her speech---only THEN to be attacked a large group of Kamakaijin. Supercharged Neo SquidMask then fought off the rest of the Kamakaijin, finally slaying them all with his electrical beams.

Afterwards, BatMask then took off and the sun returned, Kamen Rider Kurutta also returning to normal. Neo SquidMask and Kurutta then talked for a while, before then they both having to leave.

Alien Babarue's Crossfire

Later on, Neo SquidMask then went to Mankato, Minnesota to fight off Crescent and Bemular. Neo SquidMask then arrived on the scene and fought off Crescent, firing his electric bolts at him. Crescent then teleported behind Neo SquidMask, pushing him aside. The two then got into a fist-fight, before then Crescent then spotted IbisMask and fired his eye beams at her and Neo SquidMask. Crescent then decided to focus on attacking IbisMask some more, leaving Neo SquidMask alone for a while. While Bemular and Crescent battled off Kamen Rider Kurutta and IbisMask, Alien Babarue then made himself present to Neo SquidMask and then fought him off, battling him with his Babarue Stick. Neo SquidMask managed to deliver damage to him by using his Electrical Charge and then Alien Babarue then fired his Death Blizzard against him, in order to freeze him.

However as he noticed his monsters were all defeated, he then teleported aways for the time being, fleeing to make he also didn't end up the same as the original did. Neo SquidMask was somewhat disappointed he didn't get to do much and then fled aways with Shadow Zone.

Flamingo Squadron Eliminated?

After hearing about MoleMask's and LobsterMask's brutal defeats, Neo SquidMask then ran off to go fight ScorpionMask. However as he reached a desert-area, ChameleonMask managed to lure Neo SquidMask to their trap by changing her form to look like ScorpionMask, only then to reveal herself to Neo SquidMask and then kicked him into the pit. After Neo SquidMask insulted RaccoonMask, RaccoonMask then deployed SkunkMask to fight off Neo SquidMask. SkunkMask and Neo SquidMask chased each other around at first, with SkunkMask firing out his Stink Bomb in an attempt to take down Neo SquidMask. Fortunately for Neo SquidMask, he was able to avoid the gases with his Shadow Zone.

SkunkMask then got out his chakrams and chased Neo SquidMask, threatening to cut off his tentacles and use them as a sushi meat. Neo SquidMask then sprayed ink at SkunkMask, causing SkunkMask to fall over and spaz out. SkunkMask then got back up and leaped up, only then to be blasted at the back, sending sparks off of his back. As SkunkMask landed down, CondorMask then appeared to him. CondorMask offered him (SkunkMask) to either flee now or get beaten, to which SkunkMask refused either, so CondorMask then opened fire his Condor Magnums at him, causing SkunkMask to bleed shadows badly. Not wanting to take much more pain, SkunkMask then used Shadow Manifest and fled.

Neo SquidMask then went up and talked to CondorMask, asking for his help. CondorMask seemed hesitant at first, but then agreed to do so. Neo SquidMask and CondorMask then arrived at the Unit's location, and fought off ScorpionMask and RaccoonMask together. Neo SquidMask managed to fight off RaccoonMask the most, shocking him with his tentacles and repeatedly punching at him, and did some damage against him, unfortunately RaccoonMask and ScorpionMask then managed to deal heavy critical damage against Unica and Sagiri before then retreating. Neo SquidMask then regrouped everyone else and helped out Unica and Sagiri.

The Smoking Condor

Neo SquidMask spent that night watching out for Unica and Sagiri, also talking to CondorMask and thinking of potential places of where to fix them. Before he dozed off, he asked CondorMask to keep an eye out for them in case he were to pass out. Upon waking back up, he saw that CondorMask as well as Unica and Sagiri were gone. Fearing the worst, he searched around but to no avail didn't find the three. Believing that CondorMask stole the two, Neo SquidMask went out for a search.

After Neo SquidMask spent some time searching, a police officer known as "Officer Leiman" appeared and met with Neo SquidMask, who asked him for help to find Unica and Sagiri, as he believed them to have been stolen by CondorMask. "Officer Leiman" decided to help Neo SquidMask and very soon they arrived near the warehouse where CondorMask was hiding the Units at, they caught him as he was going to get a drink. Officer Leiman then took the two Shadowbloods to a dark area where they were led into a detective's office which reeked badly. When Neo SquidMask pointed this out, Leiman claimed that he forgot to clean up after himself sometimes and that he got use to the smell. Leiman then turned aways, seemingly going back to make himself some coffee.

However as Neo SquidMask and CondorMask then talked it out however, CondorMask then explained to Neo SquidMask that he did technically steal them, only to fix theme however and then return them. CondorMask also stated he didn't have much time left anyhow, but Neo SquidMask rest assured him and then forgave CondorMask, also then freeing him. As Neo SquidMask and CondorMask and then went to Leiman to clear things up, there the two had found many skulls lying on the ground near a room inside. Leiman then revealed his true colors to them, revealing himself to be "PigMask". PigMask then got out his Pig Chainsaw, wanting to kill the two to clear up evidence on him and also for thrills. PigMask then chased the two outside with his Pig Chainsaw, only to which then RaccoonMask and ScorpionMask then appeared. RaccoonMask mainly just observed the fight for monitoring, ScorpionMask joined in on the fight and fought off CondorMask.

PigMask mainly fought off Neo SquidMask; swinging his Pig Chainsaw around him. Neo SquidMask managed to roll out of the way in time however, to which PigMask then fired Pig Fire at Neo SquidMask, intent on roasting him. PigMask then revved up his Pig Chainsaw and swung it towards him, only for Neo SquidMask then to use his tentacles and trip him over, causing PigMask to fall over. PigMask then fired another stream of flames at Neo SquidMask, this time successfully setting him on fire. PigMask then went over and swung around his meat cleaver towards Neo SquidMask. Neo SquidMask got back up, then repeatedly punches at PigMask's gut and chest.

PigMask bodyblocked most if not all the punches however and then slashed his meat cleaver against some of Neo SquidMask's tentacles. PigMask then ran up and fired out a stream of flames form his mouth at him; Neo SquidMask then fought back hard, firing electric bolts around and at PigMask. Neo SquidMask and PigMask then fought off some more, blasting their streams of fire and ink at one another. Neo SquidMask then used Vacuum Mouth, his mouth and then sucks up some nearby objects, sucking them up and then hurling them at PigMask. PigMask used his flaming chainsaw to destroy some of the flying objects, only to get hit by some as well.

Neo SquidMask then used Electrical Charge against PigMask, dealing with some damage against PigMask. PigMask then fired out two Pig Fireballs at Neo SquidMask, to which Neo SquidMask then used his Shadow Zone to avoid. PigMask charged, only for Neo SquidMask to then leap out of and shock him with his tentacles. PigMask was also caught up in ScropionMask's and CondorMask's dirt explosion, finally defeating him. Afterwards, RaccoonMask ordered PigMask and ScorpionMask to retreat for the time being; PigMask eagerly did so and faded aways with his Shadow Manifest. Neo SquidMask then regrouped with CondorMask and the two then took off.

The Frozen Gentleman

Neo SquidMask found himself waking up early in the morning with it being unusually cold outside and then headed out to investigate. As he walked around outside, he noticed it was snowy outside and freezing cold. Neo SquidMask then spotted PenguinMask and fought him off, even though Kurutta ended up doing most of the fighting against him (due to the fierce cold working against Neo SquidMask). Eventually, PenguinMask was defeated by the combined efforts of CondorMask and Kurutta and himself, driving PenguinMask off and defeating him, ending his freezing reign of terror.

Icy Flames: Power of the Pamola

Neo SquidMask reappeared to investigate the Shade laced diners, where he met up again with Kurutta. FlamingoMask also reappeared to them, but unfortunately so did both PigMask and PenguinMask. FlamingoMask went to the diners to save the employees, while Neo SquidMask and Kurutta took care of PigMask and PenguinMask. PigMask started off his attack by swinging his Pig Chainsaw around Neo SquidMask, intent on damaging him. PigMask then fired a stream of fire at Neo SquidMask, to which Neo SquidMask rolled around and avoided. Neo SquidMask then charged up electrical energy and charged at PigMask then ramming into him; shocking him.

PigMask and PenguinMask then regrouped and combined their powers, firing out a beam made up of burning ice and swept it towards FlamingoMask, Kurutta and Neo SquidMask. PenguinMask then also fired his Penguin Blizzard against Neo SquidMask's and Kurutta's ground, making it very slippery; only for PigMask to then accidentally melt the icy ground with his Pig Fire. PigMask rained down Pig Fireballs all across, until then Kurutta then fired his water stream at him and PigMask, sending them back a bit. PigMask then fought off Kurutta some more, firing his flames some more against Kurutta, but had to endure Kurutta's water attacks, which angered him.

Neo SquidMask then summoned out his tentacles and shocked PenguinMask with them. PenguinMask was shocked, but then used his Penguin Scissors to cut at his tentacles, hurting Neo SquidMask. PenguinMask and PigMask regrouped again, then spraying out icicles and fireballs all around, raining it down upon Neo SquidMask and Kurutta. After some more battling, FlamingoMask then arrived to the fight and then used his Pamola form, then unleashing Pamola Hurricane against both PenguinMask and PigMask, defeating the two and also destroying the diners. Neo SquidMask then thanked both Kurutta and FlamingoMask, then travelling back home with the latter.

FlamingoMask vs. ScorpionMask Pt. 2: Abandon Operation Shade

Neo SquidMask played a minor role in the RP where he helped out FlamingoMask along with the rest of the Flamingo Squadron to track down RaccoonMask and ScorpionMask where at. They eventually did find them and Neo SquidMask helped fight off CatMask and RaccoonMask. Eventually though Neo SquidMask was then brought in to save both Ayame and SwanMask and traveled inside with his Shadow Zone, getting the two to safety and rescuing them out of there. Neo SquidMask along with everyone else then watched as RaccoonMask's building exploded, defeating RaccoonMask, ScorpionMask and CatMask. Neo SquidMask then soon went back home along with everyone else.

Mark of the Cobra Pt. 1: The Phantom's Warning

Neo SquidMask joined along in FlamingoMask's plan to capture FiskMask along with CondorMask and MoleMask. FiskMask later reappeared that day when he showed to seemingly stalk Ayame, only to fall straight into FlamingoMask's, CondorMask's, Neo SquidMask's and MoleMask's trap, and they proceeded to beat him. FiskMask then surrendered and told them that he wasn't actually there to cause any trouble, but he actually had a message to them. FiskMask then told them that the Mecha Galgen Gang had a destructive mecha known as Jumbo Mecha unleashed and were planning to make more copies of it around the world in order to better combat the heroes. Neo SquiMask asked as to what kind of name was Jumbo Mecha. FiskMask then told them that he had to leave, as he was worried the Mecha Galgen Gang would find them. FlamingoMask understood and FiskMask then left. FlamingoMask, Neo SquidMask, MoleMask and CondorMask then headed off to stop the Mecha Galgen Gang.

Mark of the Cobra Pt. 2: Interception

Neo SquidMask joined in on the attack within the Mecha Galgen Gang base, sneaking in with his Shadow Zone. While MoleMask went to disable the controls, Neo SquidMask used his Shadow Zone to suck up some Mecha-Mobsters within the Shadow Zone. However the timing couldn't be worse, as then SkunkMask and ScorpionMask then appeared. Fortunately, Booker also appeared to help. Neo SquidMask then shocked SkunkMask with his tentacles, hurting SkunkMask. Neo SquidMask then turned his attention to ScorpionMask and sprayed his ink at him; ScorpionMask then grabbed Neo SquidMask by one of the tentacles and then reeled him in closer to him, to which Neo SquidMask then shocked at him with his tentacles. ScorpionMask then decked Neo SquidMask, forcing Neo SquidMask into his Shadow Zone.

Neo SquidMask also helped in taking both SkunkMask and ScorpionMask by firing his Electric Bolts to combine with MoleMask's, FlamingoMask's, Booker's and CondorMask's attacks. Following the defeats of ScorpionMask and SkunkMask though, the Mecha Galgen Gang Factory then exploded, to which the five then made it out. Then suddenly, CobraMask appeared....the fight would begin...

Mark of the Cobra Pt. 3: CobraMask's Great Duel

The fight began when Neo SquidMask fired electric bolts against CobraMask; before the electric bolts can even hit him, CobraMask then moved out of the way very quickly. Neo SquidMask fired out more electric bolts, to which CobraMask avoided again. CobraMask then dashed out of the ways, going so fast he vanished. Neo SquidMask looked around, CobraMask then reappeared right behind Neo SquidMask, striking at him with one of his Cobra Fangblades.

Later on, CobraMask fought back by getting out his Cobra Missiles and then firing them around the Booker, CondorMask, FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask, sending out a deadly rain of Cobra Missiles down on them. As he was firing however, MoleMask then caught him off-guard and dragged him down underground with him, allowing Booker and FlamingoMask to fire their shots at him as he was being dragged. When MoleMask was finished burying CobraMask underground, MoleMask then got out of the ground and cheered, only for CobraMask to burst out, even more enraged. Booker then detonated CobraMask's area, partially setting CobraMask on fire. CobraMask got tired of this and then used his metal powers, taking control over some fallen constructs from the destroyed Mecha Galgen Gang base, using the metal pieces and letting it rain down on the five. Even as they kept blasting at the raining metal pieces, CobraMask kept taking more and more pieces, intent on slicing them.

As they kept destroying some metal parts with their energy attacks, CobraMask then switched it to sweeping them towards the five, hitting them with various metal rods and bars to smack them with. Booker had enough of this however and then leaped up, kicking at CobraMask's face, ceasing his attack. CobraMask then focused back to fighting them all and then got out his fangblades, speeding by and slashing all of them with his fangblades, hitting FlamingoMask the most however. CobraMask then blasted around his Cobra Shadow Mist Breath and then got out his Cobra Arm Whip, sweeping and smacking all five of his opponents around. Neo SquidMask then went into his Supercharged mode to take down CobraMask but CobraMask then used his Cobra Scepter to repulse his attacks, then used his immobilizing ray to use Supercharged Neo SquidMask like a bat and repeatedly smack down MoleMask and CondorMask with him, taking the two out.

Supercharged Neo SquidMask then fires missiles and electrical beams back at CobraMask, but CobraMask avoided his attacks and then simply lifted up a giant metal bar and threw it at his head, knocking him (Neo SquidMask) out unconscious. Neo SquidMask was later rescued though by CondorMask (along with MoleMask) and flown back home.

SkunkMask's Last Chance

Neo SquidMask played a minor role in the RP where he fought off SkunkMask and Robot FlamingoMask, but also got caught up by the Shadelinqs. Fortunately, he was freed following Unit 3 Unica's arrival and then regrouped with everyone else following SkunkMask's demise. In this RP, it was also revealed he had a girlfriend named Akiko, who he spoke with on the phone in the beginning.

Scare Tactics

After talking to Akiko on the phone some more, Neo SquidMask then noticed the mailman coming and then headed outside to check the mail, as he was the only one there. Neo SquidMask went through a lot of them and was disappointed that none of them were the Gundam models he ordered, only then to find out a particular letter that gained his interest---a invitation to a haunted house recently opened. Neo SquidMask then later showed it off to everyone else and they were then able to go. However as they soon arrived to the haunted house---things quickly began to show their true colors.

As Neo SquidMask went to his portion of the haunted house, there he was greeted by the rotting smell of fish and GhostMask then appeared to him. GhostMask at first merely only taunted him, before then completely bashing and manipulating Neo SquidMask into thinking he was a mere ripoff of SquidMask. Neo SquidMask was going to fight back, but found himself unable to fight back or even move due to GhostMask's manipulative words and ghostly area that prevented him from doing anything. GhostMask then left the room and left Neo SquidMask alone to suffer.

Neo SquidMask was eventually rescued by FlamingoMask however, as well as everyone else and then taken back to base, where he settled down.

The Father of FlamingoMask Arrives

Neo SquidMask had a cameo in the RP where he greeted OwlMask and FlamingoMask commented that he was a weird guy, but very friendly.

Drinks on The Shark

Neo SquidMask made a cameo in the RP where he was shown drinking at the same bar as SharkMask, AoMask and AkaMask were at. He got drunk and then fell over, passing out.

Armored Mecha Gunbot

Neo SquidMask reappeared along with MoleMask and CondorMask hanging out near Algona, Iowa. When some giant monsters were reported to be on the loose, Neo SquidMask suggested they do something about it, however there were four giant monsters and they didn't have Machine G with them. Luckily, CondorMask had Gunbot and the three (Neo SquidMask included) got to ride inside the giant mecha and combat the four monsters. After that was all over, Neo SquidMask got a call from Akiko that she would like to meet him over her place. Neo SquidMask agreed to visit and took off.

My Girlfriend Is A Giant Robot?

Neo SquidMask was dropped off to then meet the girl of his dreams, Akiko. Once he got to her house, where he was greeted by Akiko's father. Akiko then appeared not long after, coming down the stairs and greeting him. Neo SquidMask was more in love with her than before due to her looks. Akiko then held Neo SquidMask by the facial tentacles and held them for a while, to which Neo SquidMask was okay with. Akiko also laughed at Neo SquidMask's "hot hot hot" comment.

Akiko and Neo SquidMask then proceeded to spend the rest of the day together, first going on a ride with Neo SquidMask's Shadow Zone, then Neo SquidMask and Akiko rode across town, heading into some stores, then visiting Kouno Park, then visiting a movie theater together, and then finally they dine together at a fancy restaurant, with Neo SquidMask wolfing down his meal while Akiko eats hers in a very fancy manner. Neo SquidMask paid for the meal entirely as well.

Hours later after spending more time with each other, Neo SquidMask and Akiko then stopped at a beach and looked up at the sky, also sitting on a bench. The two talked to each other some more before Neo SquidMask then put his arm behind her back, and she does the same. The two then get closer, ready to kiss each other---only then for the night to then approach--Akiko had to go. Neo SquidMask offered to at least drop her off home within his Shadow Zone, so they both went.

As they both arrived to Akiko's home, Akiko then went inside---Akiko's father wanted to speak with Neo SquidMask, to which he accepted. Then the ugly truth came out----Akiko's father then threw Neo SquidMask across the room and then revealed himself as Alien Shamer. Alien Shamer then called in Akiko to beat up Neo SquidMask and then chained him to the wall. Alien Shamer then taunted and mocked Neo SquidMask for actually falling for his love game trap and then proceeded to deploy Akiko to destroy the city of Saga, also then going so far as to show Neo SquidMask's "love" destroy the city to him through his TV screen. However Alien Shamer got distracted upon seeing CondorMask and MoleMask trying to fight him back with Gunbot and then had Akiko fight them off. This gave Neo SquidMask enough time to escape, which Alien Shamer soon found out the hard way.

As Gunbot fought off Akiko some more, Neo SquidMask then climbed on top of a the tallest building and summoned some thunderstorm, then put on his Ika Sticker on his head, channeling as much electrical energy as he could. However, he was accidentally struck by one of his own lightning bolts from his thunderstorm, but it didn't hurt him other than further mutate him. Neo SquidMask then began to change; Neo SquidMask then goes beyond supercharged, more tentacles appearing on him, then sprouting wings, his gut also continues to get bigger and bigger, as do his muscles, as well his mass and size continues to increase until finally he himself is finally at 165 meters tall---Neo SquidMask was now "Monster Neo SquidMask".

Akiko turned around, facing Monster Neo SquidMask; Monster Neo SquidMask then fired lightning from his hands, firing them at Akiko; Akiko was hit and fell over. Akiko retaliated by firing her chest rockets against Monster Neo SquidMask; but Monster Neo SquidMask deflected the rockets with his belly; Akiko then fired several more rockets at him, to which Monster Neo SquidMask repeatedly deflected the rockets aways, making them fly up in the air and explode. Getting tired of this, Akiko then ran up and punched at Monster Neo SquidMask.

In a feat of strength, Monster Neo SquidMask then grabbed Akiko and then tosses her asides to the outskirts of the city, then gathering up electrical energy from his mouth, his mouth glowing, then firing it out and sweeping it towards Akiko. Akiko flew up, barely avoiding and then firing down her eye lasers down against Monster! Neo SquidMask's area, creating explosions. Monster Neo SquidMask then flapped his wings, creating hurricane gusts of wind against her. Akiko stood her ground and then got out her cell phone device, using it to emit electromagnetic waves from her cell phone that destroys many peoples heads down below and then irritated Monster Neo SquidMask it got him to fall over and roar in pain. Akiko then got closer, using her cell phone against Monster Neo SquidMask some more, weakening him.

Just as Akiko was about to finish him off and use her eye lasers against him, Monster Neo SquidMask then got back up and smacked her cell phone weapon away with his claws, then firing electrical beams from his hands and mouth against her, knocking Akiko down. Akiko then rose back up, firing eye lasers and chest rockets against Monster Neo SquidMask, to which then Monster Neo SquidMask then fired out more electrical balls against Akiko, before then finally flying towards her and pinning her down to the ground, raising up his fist. Monster Neo SquidMask then began to speak his thoughts.

YOU LIED TO ME!....AND I TRUSTED YOU!.....You tricked me into....loving you.....why....I loved you when you were with me and I felt a little bit of spark in there.....but instead, this is what I find. „ 

— Monster Neo SquidMask

After hearing more of Monster Neo SquidMask's words, Akiko then realized what she was doing was wrong and then defected from Alien Shamer; her love then became genuine for Monster Neo SquidMask; she no longer wished to fight him. Alien Shamer then angrily demanded Akiko to finish off Monster Neo SquidMask. Instead, Akiko and Monster Neo SquidMask both fired their attacks at Alien Shamer's ship, blowing it up. However Alien Shamer survived and was then take aways by Vacumira, flying off elsewhere.

Afterwards, Monster Neo SquidMask and Akiko then made out, grossing everyone out (especially MoleMask). Minutes later, Akiko and Monster Neo SquidMask then parted their ways and Akiko flew off, promising to return to Neo SquidMask soon. Monster Neo SquidMask then reverted back to normal...though now he realized he need a new shirt again, due to destroying it again with his new transformation.

Redman vs. Vernonn 2

Neo SquidMask made a cameo in the RP where he (in his monster form) was at the woods with Akiko, were the two proceeded to make out. When Zeek passed by and saw the two making out, Monster Neo SquidMask proceeded to tell him to take a hike, which Zeek did.

Abilities & Arsenal

Neo SquidMask

Neo SquidMask's default normal form and most used form.

Neo SquidMask

Neo SquidMask

  • Shadow Manipulation: Neo SquidMask has control over shadow energy.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Neo SquidMask has control over electrical energy.
  • Electrical Consumption: Neo SquidMask can eat or absorb electrical matter in order to give him more energy or give him a boost.
  • Shadow Zone: Neo SquidMask is capable of traveling and hiding into shadows in order to travel long distances or as means for camouflage. He is also able to carry it around sometimes, somehow.
    • Shadow Zone Vortex: Neo SquidMask can also use his Shadow Zone as an offensive weapon in where he can throw it out and suck in enemies inside with it. It can later shoot them back out and deal with heavy damage.
  • Electric Bolts: Neo SquidMask can shoot out strong bolts of lightning out that can create powerful explosions.
  • Electrical Charge: Neo SquidMask can coat himself in electrical energy and then charge at his opponents while still using it, often being used to deliver shocks against his opponents while ramming at them.
  • Adept Swimmer: Neo SquidMask can swim at very fast speeds underwater.
  • Tentacles: Neo SquidMask can use his tentacles for combat, being able to summon multiple tentacles at once, using them to constrict or whip against his foes. Neo SquidMask can also stretch out his tentacles to grapple and tie his opponents. Neo SquidMask can also spin himself and his tentacles around like a helicopter or a spinning top, being able to spin around and smack many opponents with these.
    • Shocker Tentacles: Neo SquidMask can grapple his opponents with his tentacles and send out powerful electric currents from them like cables to shock at his foes.
    • Suctions: Neo SquidMask can also use his suctions on his tentacles to use help grapple his foes or stick onto buildings and climb onto walls or ceilings with them very well.
  • Thunderstorms: Neo SquidMask can also create thunderstorms and can shoot down lightning down at his opponents, as well as causing heavy rain and wind. This requires a lot of energy and focus, however.
  • Vacuum Mouth: Neo SquidMask can open his mouth wide and suck in other objects (chiefly food) into them and swallow it whole instantly.
  • Aquatic Respiration: Neo SquidMask can breathe underwater very well and can stay in as long as he wants with no negative consequences.
  • Size Change: Neo SquidMask can change his size to 50 meters.
  • Ink Release: Neo SquidMask is capable of shooting out a big stream of ink, usually to either to temporarily blind his opponents or to make a clean getaway.
  • Regeneration: Neo SquidMask has incredibly fast regeneration. His tentacles for example can heal and regenerate quickly after being torn off.
  • Ika Sticker: A henshin device that Neo SquidMask to transform into his Supercharged form.

Supercharged Neo SquidMask
Supercharged Neo SquidMask

Supercharged Neo SquidMask

After acquiring Sagiri's latest invention the "Ika Sticker" (originally known as the Synth Maximizer), Neo SquidMask is given this power up form known as Supercharged Neo SquidMask (スーパーチャージ ネオイカマスク Sūpāchāji Neo IkaMasuku) as a last resort and to combat against stronger foes. In order to access this form, Neo SquidMask has to charge up his electrical power immensely and announce "SUPER CHARGE!" In this form, he retains his original powers, albeit even stronger. As of the boost from his own thunderstorm, he can now access this form more easier. His voice also becomes noticeably deeper and his eyes are often glowing bright green, as well as the glowmarks all around his upper part of his body.

  • Enhanced Strength: Supercharged Neo SquidMask is incredibly strong, being able to take on several opponents at once and can punch through several walls through ease, almost as if they were made of paper. He can lift things 10x bigger than he is and can also deliver powerful and explosive punches and kicks against his foes, often being able to deliver killing blows with just his fists. His punching power is roughly as missile strength in his default size, and even double the amount in his giant size. He can also throw boulders with precise aim and can crush them with ease and his gut can act as as something of a wrecking ball and a shield.
  • Enhanced Durability: Supercharged Neo SquidMask is much more durable than his original form, being able to tank and bodyblock many attacks being done against him. He is literally bulletproof as well, with bullets often deflecting off of him.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Supercharged Neo SquidMask has enhanced endurance, being able to take in a lot of damage that he could not do in his original form.
  • Electrical Tentacles: Much like his original Shocker Tentacles were in his normal form, Supercharged Neo SquidMask can grapple his opponents with his tentacles and send out powerful electric currents from them like cables to shock at his foes, only this time he can now send out thousands of volts through them, delivering painful shocks. His shocks are able to fry his opponents if used long enough. Like his original form's tentacles, he can also stretch out his electrical tentacles to as long as he can as well as summoning out many.
  • Electrical Beams: Supercharged Neo SquidMask can fire electrical bolt beams from all over his tentacles and hands.
  • Electric Punch: Supercharged Neo SquidMask can gather up electrical energy from his hands and then deliver electrical-coated punches against his enemies.
  • Electric Grip: Supercharged Neo SquidMask can grab his opponents with his hands and send down several volts of electricity against them.
  • Missiles: Supercharged Neo SquidMask can fire out shadowy-electric missiles from his mouth at his opponents which are able to cause big explosions.
  • Size Change: While big enough by his default size already (15 ft.), he can still size change in this form, making him roughly 85 meters.
  • Bioluminescence: Not much of a power, but Supercharged Neo SquidMask can glow either bright green or sapphire blue due to his crackling electrical energy all over his body.

Monster Neo SquidMask
Monster Neo SquidMask

Monster Neo SquidMask

Born out of Neo SquidMask's anger of being tricked and misery, combined with getting struck at the Ika Sticker from one of his lightning bolts, Neo SquidMask then mutated further into his new form, Monster Neo SquidMask (モンスター ネオイカマスク Monsutā Neo IkaMasuku). Due to having a stronger boost from his lightning bolts, he can now change into this form much easier at will. Similar to Supercharged, he retains his original powers, albeit even more stronger. In this form, he cannot size change due to him already being giant enough as is. His voice also incredibly deeper and his eyes are often glowing bright green, as well as the glowmarks all around his upper part of his body. In this new form, he also gains several new powers:

  • Wings: Now sporting a pair of giant wings, Monster Neo SquidMask has many uses for these wings such as;
    • Flight: Monster Neo SquidMask can fly at Mach 11.
    • Electrical Wing Bolts: Monster Neo SquidMask can fire out strong electrical bolts from his wings that are at missile-strength. This attack has not been used yet.
    • Hurricane Winds: Monster Neo SquidMask can flap his wings to create hurricane level strong gusts of wind to send his opponents flying away.
    • Shadow Fog: Monster Neo SquidMask can send out jets of thick shadowy fog to cover up the area and cloud it; making it dark. This attack has not been used yet.
  • Enhanced Strength: Monster Neo SquidMask is now 50x stronger than in his Supercharged form, being able to grab up giant opponents with ease and toss them aside and deliver very powerful punches and kicks.
  • Electrical Beams: Monster Neo SquidMask can fire out even stronger versions of his electrical beams from his hands and mouth at his opponents.
  • Three-Way Electrical Shot: By combining both his electrical mouth beam and hand beams, Monster Neo SquidMask can deliver a powerful shocking electrical beam against his foes. It can deal with critical damage.
  • Roar: Monster Neo SquidMask can emit a powerful roar that can produce shockwaves and send opponents flying back.
  • Tentacles: Monster Neo SquidMask can summon out many tentacles for combat. He can use them to either typically shock or strangle his foes, though now they are much more thicker and stronger than ever before. His legs can also transform into a pair of tentacles to make movement underwater quicker.
  • Acceleration: Despite his bulky and heavy appearance, Monster Neo SquidMask can rush and dash at advanced speeds, making him able to catch up with his foes quickly.
  • Electrical Spheres: Monster Neo SquidMask can fire out big, deadly electrical energy balls from his mouth that he can used to fire out at his opponents.
  • Claws: Monster Neo SquidMask has sharp and strong claws that he use to bash or smack against his foes.
  • Electrical Shock: Monster Neo SquidMask can emit a powerful electrical pulse from his body, capable of blowing away his opponents with electrical power.
  • Thick Hides: Monster Neo SquidMask in this form has very durable thick hides, akin to armor that protects him from some attacks. Most notably is around his belly which he can use to:
    • Belly Ram: Monster Neo SquidMask can ram against his opponents with his stomach and can hit against them like a wrecking ball. It is at missile strength and does no harm to himself.
    • Projectile Deflection: Monster Neo SquidMask can use his gut to deflect many energy attacks and rockets and missiles and other weaponry, capable of sending them flying back aways to his opponents or up in the air.
  • Mouth: Monster Neo SquidMask can open up his mouth, revealing it to be very large and wide, filled with rows of multiple sharp teeth. He can use it to bite down or tear off of his opponents limbs if he wants and bite and chomp down on them. He can also suck in his foes with his mouth, akin to that of a vaccuum.
  • Shoulder Spikes: Monster Neo SquidMask can fire out his spikes from his shoulders at his foes akin to quills. This attack has not been used yet.
  • More to be added.


  • Fire: Neo SquidMask is weak against very strong flames.
  • Dehydration: Neo SquidMask is weak when dehydrated.
  • Light Energy: Neo SquidMask is also weak to light energy as well as light based attacks.
  • Impatient: Neo SquidMask can be incredibly impatient at times.



— Neo SquidMask when he first met SquidMask.


— Neo SquidMask

Well, I certainly couldn't do THAT. „ 

— Neo SquidMask

And if the shower isn't working, then I'll just go jump in a river. „ 

— Neo SquidMask


— Neo SquidMask when spotting RaccoonMask.

.....Ayame you do realize one of us is going to have to pay for that now...


— Neo SquidMask


— Neo SquidMask in his Supercharged form.


— Neo SquidMask

Why do I always get stuck with the crazy ones? „ 

— Neo SquidMask


  • Originally he was actually meant to be the SquidMask, but was considered far too different and the original SquidMask was returned to Tengen Toppa Lazengann. Gallibon then decided (with permission of course) to make a different char based on his take.
  • His favorite drink appears to be sake while his favorite food appears to be french fries.
  • In terms of visual appearances to tell him apart from the original SquidMask, Neo SquidMask has brighter blue colors, has a more slightly more "chubbier" appearance, wears bands, lacks Hamon powers, and is shorter, as well as lacking much detail on his armor.
    • Unlike the original SquidMask, he is not a hybrid and such, he actually is weak to light energy.
    • Also unlike SquidMask, he is far younger, being at least 30 years younger.
  • Neo SquidMask is the first Shadowblood character to share the same motif as another existing Shadowblood. CoyoteMask doesn't count to the prior version being retconned. Later on, he would be succeeded by CatMask and BrockenMask, who both share the same motif (a cat). This is justified however as the two are related.
    • He is also arguably the third Shadowblood to be based on another existing Shadowblood. The first would be RyuMask, who is a clone of FoxMask and the second could be Nega FoxMask, who is an alternate evil doppelganger of FoxMask, if Nega FoxMask were to count.
  • His Shadow Zone technique is meant to be an homage to the Alien Pegassa's similar ability from Ultraseven.
  • Originally his Supercharged form was simply called "Super Neo SquidMask", but Gallibon liked the sound of "Supercharged" more.
  • His Supercharged form was based on sumo wrestlers.
  • Notably present in his Supercharged form is a beak, which was not present in his original form.
  • The "Ika Sticker" was originally going to not be named, but Gallibon figured that since it was essentially his Henshin device, it was going to need a name. The reason it get's it name is because it resembles a sticker (and "Ika" in Japanese means "squid"). In-universe, Neo SquidMask decided to call it that instead of what Sagiri called it.
  • His kaiju form is based off Cthulhu and the Kraken.