Monster Island is a location used in RPs.


At least one war has happened on Monster Island, a chaotic or near-apocalyptic one. A second war happened as well, in which the island was split in half. Later on, a third war occurred there, in where the world was saved.

As of late, the island was then expanded upon, thus making Monster Islands.

Notable Members


  • Originally during the Neo Empire RP, Monster Island was destroyed by Trahir's air blasts while FoxMask or WolfMask nearly died while trying to fight for their lives. This was not only a widely detested move due to the sheer improbability of destroying such an iconic island that's had far worse occur on it and the fact that it implies that the monsters perished (unless they had evacuated in time), but it was never brought up or touched again, thus making the entire incident incredibly odd in hindsight.