Maser 1

The Maser Cannon (メーサー兵器 Mēsā Heiki, lit. Maser Weapon) is a weapon used against kaijus or any other city-destroying beings, and is used by the Global Defense Force (GDF) in the RPVerse.

They presumably work on the same principle as real world Maser devices, of which their name is short for Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.


Although there are several different types of Masers, most have a similar appearance and all function in about the same way. The Maser is basically a large tank that supports a laser firing system in the form of a large arm ending in a satellite-like head. Usually, the arm lowers down when the tank is moving, and rises to take aim at the intended target. The head then fires a steady beam that resembles a laser beam or stream of lightning.


Maser 2

Maser Cannon while attacking a kaiju.

  • Disclaimer: The role of the Maser Cannons across all RPs is too extensive to document on this page. For this reason, this section will focus specifically on the role of the Maser Cannons in major RPs only.
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  • Due to being a weapon developed for anti-kaiju operations, it has appeared in every kaiju-sized RPs that is performed in WZRP, showing up every time a kaiju attacks.