Lucien is a RP character used by Lord Ghetsis


In comparison to existing creatures, Lucien does have three heads like a Ghidorah. However his scales happen to be dark red in his regular state, with black armour plates covering the upmost, top area of his body. Matching the armour plates, are his immense black wings. Unlike most Ghidorah, Lucien is quadrupedal. His eyes are rather normal with black pupils.


Despite his appearance, Lucien is not outright destructive and does not revel in needless chaos. He is generally neutral but will ally with those of earth, should it be mutually beneficial. Lucien has also been known to form bonds with those he trusts.


Lucien is a demon formed from the energies that reside within hell. 


Supernatural demon physiology- Being a supernatural entity that was borne from the energies in hell, Lucien possesses Type 1-3 immortality. His physiology prevents him from being affected by conventional means, requiring powerful magic, cosmic powers and spiritual energy to affect him. Poisons, attempted draining and certain things such as laws of matter do not affect him because of this (WIP)

Pyrokinesis- The ability to manipulate fire. Lucien is capable of generating his own hellfire but can also manipulate flames within the vicinity for his own use.

Energy projection/Dyakinesis- Lucien is capable of projecting hellish energies from his form, usually in the form of damaging attacks. That being said, he can manipulate his energy as he wishes, allowing it to curve, split etc.

Dyakinetic lightning- Lucien is capable of generating rather peculiar lightning from his form, its properties somewhat different from regular lightning. For instance, it defies the usual laws of conduction, such as arcing out of metal objects or travelling through solid ground.

Cryokinesis- The manipulation and control of ice

Geokinesis- Manipulation and control of the element of earth.

Aerokinesis- Control and manipulation of the wind

Supernatural powers- This can include, pentagrams acting as protective runes (WIP)

Size/shape alteration- Lucien is capable of changing his form and size at will, granting him a form resembling a human or allowing him to shrink or increase in size.

Magic- Capable of a wide range of magic with the innate ability to use it, examples include abjuration, magical energy manipulation, magiportation etc.