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Gallibon the Destroyer
Rozan (wife)
TripGoji (best friend)
Little Godzilla (adoptive son)
IguanaGoji, Heisei Gamera, Makia, Gfantis, Anguirus, BirthGoji, Gomora, Ulpra, ReginaGoji, Romeo Blue, MOGUERA 2 & MOGUERA 3, Cyber-Zilla, Biker Jet Jaguar, The Inari, Majin Tuol, DeimosGame, Godzilla, King Kong, Gamera
Manto (archenemy)
Inconnu (archenemy)
Gamoni, Garbage Monster, Gokidon, Gororin, Emperor Tazarus, Hetzer, White Martians, Neo SpaceGodzilla, Tachyons, Mechanical Raban, CenturyGhido, Itazuran, Mutant Godzilla Clones, Gekido-jin, Keris, Rekker, Narutons, Living Sunerian Statue, Eyeballakros, Godzilla 1954 (Universe-954)
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Earth Defenders
I am going to fight. If we don't fight now, won't it render all of our appeals to peace throughout the universe meaningless? „ 

— Kunin

I'm sure it'll be intense, but we can make it in the end. „ 

— Kunin to Rozan.

Kunin (クーニン, Kunin) is a Godzillan warrior and Rozan's husband. He is a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Kunin is grumpy, stern, aloof, and can sometimes be a little aggressive but pragmatic and is very protective of his wife Rozan and he is determined to get the job done. Due to being new to Earth, he's fairly unfamiliar with Earth's surroundings, though he as of late he seems to be getting the hang of it. He tends to swear a lot if angered. Above all, he's very serious and doesn't have much of a sense of humor. He doesn't like humans all too much, but he will help them regardless from threats.

In his first early appearances, Kunin was a lot more grumpy, rude, easily angered and was not-so heroic. He also had a hard time with Earth surroundings, as he was getting used to this planet at the time. As time went on though (most notably after fighting the Kaijumancers) Kunin eased up a little and became much more calmer, more familiar with his surroundings, a lot less rude and a lot more noble and "heroic" though he still has an edge to him.



Kunin was a warrior Godzillan born on the Godzillan homeworld. Little is known about his early life but he was one that lead the ultimate charged against the Sunerians who at the time were on the verge of conquering the universe for themselves. Kunin led many attacks against the evil Sunerians, and eventually the Godzillans succeeded. Sometime during the climax of the Godzillan/Sunerian War; Kunin and Rozan were engaged and then got married.

Afterwards, Kunin and Rozan would go onto live their lives peacefully but then decided to travel the galaxies, leading them to where they are today.

Debut: Kunin

Kunin first debuted in a small appearance in where he appeared onto Earth to meet up with his wife Rozan. After a brief clash with Guiala, he and Rozan left. Prior to this, Rozan just mentioned him a few times.

Later on that same day, Kunin met up with IguanaGoji to fight against two monsters from the Viledrodes, Garbage Monster and Miba. He mainly fought off Garbage Monster. A monster known as "The Visitor" arrived soon and fought the two. After the fight was over, he returned to Rozan and began to slumber. The next day however, he was awaken by M and the Gryphon's fight and rose from his sea to find out what was going on. He and M fought off Gryphon and the Probe Bats for a little while, but the Gryphon was ultimately defeated by Gfantis and the rising sun. After Gryphon retreated, Kunin and M both thanked Gfantis for helping him. Kunin then went back to sleeping with Rozan.

Kunin vs. Viledrodes

Kunin showed up to stop Emperor Tazarus's kaiju and his army from taking over control of the American Samoa. Despite taking out Hnayolas and Gokidon, he was overwhelmed and beaten badly in battle. He was severely wounded and beaten unconscious by Gororin, but luckily he was saved by BatPugMask. Bat-Pug sent Kunin back to Rozan at the Indian Ocean and had given Rozan some medical supplies to help Kunin. As BatPugMask left however, IguanaGoji came and healed Kunin of his wounds, the downside being that now IguanaGoji had Kunin's wounds. IguanaGoji then swam to sea to heal. Kunin felt guilty about getting hurt and going into battle on his own, as he felt he shouldn't have done that. He and his wife Rozan than swam away in the waters, heading for sleep to get their minds off it.

Hetzer, The Assassin Mecha

Sometime after the fall of the Neo Empire, Kunin and Rozan tried to adjust themselves more to their new home on Earth. While him and Rozan were going on for a stroll, something was lurking in the shadows, sneaking up on them. Kunin sensed something was wrong, and searched around the are to see what it was. Then from out of the bushses came out Hetzer. Hetzer attacked Rozan and Kunin with sheer brute force, injuring them both gravely. Before Hetzer could finish the job however, a mysterious figure had approached the two Space Gojirans and blasted Hetzer away.

Him and Rozan than woke up on a beach the next day, having healed from most of their wounds. He and Rozan then retreated underwater.

The Kaijumancers

Kunin was one of the first kaiju to encounter the arrival of the Kaijumancers and has fought off and slain several Kaijumancer beasts. As such, their were quite a few notable encounters.

The Arrival of Heart Eater

As arrived to some random city, there he saw a dozen Kaijumancers and took them all on himself. Little did he know, that the Kaijumancers would not be his greatest problem there. Out from space and into the skies, came hurdling down a meteorite which had contained a fearsome kaiju in it. Once the meteorite exploded it revealed the the Viledrodes newest ally: Heart Eater!

Kunin then fired his Atomic Breath at Heart Eater, but Heart Eater had something else up her sleeves and proceeded to fire her guns at him. Once a KM! Baragon attacked her, Heart Eater turned her attention to the Baragon and killed it. Kunin being heavily injured by Heart Eater's attacks retreated.

Kunin vs. Dogolas: The Kaijumancer Showdown

Kunin faced many more battles with the Kaijumancers, but then came the deadliest one yet. The head of the Kaijumancers known as Dogolas then appeared to weak havoc, bringing with him a an army of Kaijumancers. During this, Kunin was given a longsword from Gfantis. Kunin then came charging in to attack Dogolas and the Kaijumancers head on with his longsword. IguanaGoji, Gfantis, Ulpra and Kamen Rider Igo were also present to with him. 

The fight got even more chaotic with Ultimate FinalGigan and Ultra FinalShisa jumping in, causing even more trouble. Kunin sighed to himself realizing that this would not be an easy task to do, but was nonetheless determined to fight on. Kunin then charged at Ultra FinalShisa, taking a few hits but managed to slice up the undead kaiju well. After taking care of a few more undead kaiju and chasing off Guiala and Gryphon, then turned around and blasted his atomic breath at Dogolas. Dogolas then grabbed Kunin with his tentacles and threw him at Kamen Rider Igo, only then Capricorn came in and took Kunin and Kamen Rider Igo away.

Capricorn then congratulated Kunin and said that for a non-Lostverser he did well against the Kaijumancers. Kunin welcomed him. Capricorn then turned Kunin's longsword into a Superheated HF Broadsword, then left. Kunin took his newly upgraded weapon and proclaimed that he couldn't wait to show Rozan this. Kunin then left to sea.


Battle in the Seas

Kunin drifted off to himself for a while after the Kaijumancers event and to take a break. However, his break was short-lived, as he was soon attacked by the GDF and some unidentified submarines while resting underwater. Kunin was awakened and saw the military men around him, however they were not the ones who were attacking him, as they merely fighting back something else....

Kunin then looked around underwater some more and found the culprits: mechanical fish-like tanks known as "COELCANTHS". The COELCANTHS then attacked both Kunin and the GDF ships, destroying and sinking down all all GDF ships in the area but one. Kunin attacked back at the COELCANTHS and soon destroyed them all, though he was both now tired and shocked, as he did not expect something like that. The last GDF boat then took off, Kunin then swam elsewhere to rest. Little did he know was that those COELCANTHS belonged to a certain organization...

The Expedition 

Kunin played a small, but important role in the Expedtion to New Guniea to get a vial of Gojiran blood. Beings that he was laying there, he was the target. Once the expeditioners got there, he was found asleep. However, he was then soon awakened by the sounds of the expedition crew and the Viledrodes fighting. He balsted his atmoci breath at the Viledrodes and chased off Geboras, but not before one of the crewmen managed to get a sample of Kunin's blood. The Gojiran blood vial and Ichirou Mizuki were then taken away by STADPA, Kunin then left the island. Eventually, he managed to make his way back to Rozan.

Neo SpaceGodzilla- Savage Duel in Ohio

When reports were heard that Neo SpaceGodzilla had managed to attack and takeover some of Ohio, Kunin got Rozan and Heisei Gamera to come with him to defeat Neo SpaceGodzilla. Once the three got into Ohio, disaster struck once they came across Neo SpaceGodzilla's lair. Neo SpaceGodzilla took all three of them all easily and brutally injured them. Kunin was the first to go down, as Neo SpaceGodzilla considered him to be a major priority. As Kunin lay trapped on the crystal ground helpless, Neo SpaceGodzilla then tormented Rozan right in front of Kunin's eyes.

Kunin then snapped and in a moment of weakness, surrendered to Neo SpaceGodzilla but as long as he left Rozan alone. Neo SpaceGodzilla did so, then through Rozan back at Kunin. Kunin, Rozan and Heisei Gamera then left Ohio, Neo SpaceGodzilla then attended back to his crystallized base. Kunin felt terrible that they failed to defeat Neo SpaceGodzilla, but BirthGoji told to Kunin that "he should not seek vengeance". Kunin took his words and then took off with Rozan. 

All Out Hell II

Main article: All Out Hell II.

Adopting Little Godzilla

Sometime later after All Out Hell II, both Kunin and Rozan met up with ReginaGoji at San Francisco and adopted Little Godzilla there.

CenturyGhido Attacks

Kunin along with Rozan and ReginaGoji teamed up to defeat CenturyGhido and to stop him from kidnapping his and Rozan's newly adopted son Little Godzilla. He, Rozan and ReginaGoji eventually beat up CenturyGhido enough to cause him to retreat.

Kunin's Dream

Two weeks later, not much had happened with Rozan and Kunin. Later, Kunin traveled to some woods to sight-see and eventually took a nap there. The dream though, felt more vivid than usual. In the dream; Kunin awoke to find himself in a forest, quite like the one he was in. Only it was deathly quiet. Kunin then walked around and began calling Rozan's name, only to trip over and fell down below. When got back up after falling he found himself surrounded by some very humanoid people who wore white outfits and were just as tall as he was. They were not afraid of him and comforted him. Kunin also saw flying meteors with beaks fly overhead, and saw six-legged insect like creatures with heads shaped like turnips drink from the waters. 

This dream then took a dark turn however once the skies turned red and a five-colored flame burst out from in front of him. The humanoid people and the animals left. Kunin was then being chased by black dogs and ran through the woods to escape them. As he reached far away from them, he saw a disturbing figure approach him. Appearing out from a black rainbow, came a very tall, cloaked figure with whip-like fingers. Kunin tried to run, but was stuck to the ground. The cloaked figure then laughed and pushed Kunin off the cliff, Kunin falling into a literal pit of darkness. 

However, it was all just a dream, as Kunin found out as he woke up, covered in his own sweat. He saw Ulpra next by him who had apparently nearby. Kunin believed that this trippy dream mean't something more, but couldn't place why.

Warning from Swamp Beast

Later on, him and Rozan were sleeping in somewhere in a desert area, when the two were approached by Swamp Beast. However, Swamp Beast was not there to harm them, but instead to warn them of a deadly threat that was coming. Kunin and Rozan both listened to Swamp Beast's words, then Swamp Beast left. Though Swamp Beast's prediction was vague, Kunin heed the warning. Afterwards, Kunin and Rozan went back to resting.

Midnight Mayhem II

Main article: Midnight Mayhem II.

Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji vs. Nuclear Reactor Demon

Kunin met up with TripGoji to discuss more about the recent issues dealing with them such as Midnight Mayhem II, the reason why TripGoji came to Earth and the approaching return of the dreaded Manto. Kunin asked what he, Rozan and TripGoji could do to stop Inconnu and his plans to bring back Manto; TripGoji replied that in order to do that, they would have to reawaken Majin Tuol. Kunin was skeptical of the idea at first, but went along with it anyways, as he did not want Manto to reach human civilization; fearing it would bring certain doom.

N.R.D. then showed up to attack the Godzillans as well as Plissken. Kunin, with the combined attacks with Plissken's sledgehammer and with his, Rozan and TripGoji's atomic breaths killed Nuclear Reactor Demon. He left with Rozan and TripGoji afterwards.

Fight With Wangmagwi

Kunin stayed awake all the way since Midnight Mayhem II, as such didn't get any sleep. He then did fall asleep. Though he too was teleported along with Rozan and TripGoji, he remained asleep for most of the RP, thus he didn't get to meet Wangmagwi. When he woke up towards the end of the RP he wondered what he had missed.

The Godzillans vs. the Mutant Godzilla Clones

As Kunin and TripGoji were discussing about their old days back on the Godzillan Homeworld, Sevengar and Itazuran came out of nowhere on their spot and tried to attack Rozan. However, the two mechs were no match for an angered Kunin, and Kunin beat them senseless with the help of his allies. Kunin demanded to know why those two came to ambush them and began to fiercely interrogate Sevengar and Itazuran. Once Sevengar spilled the beans that Inconnu had sent them in to distract them for reaching Busan, Kunin let the two leave but warned them to never come back. 

After that, Kunin ordered Rozan and TripGoji to come along to Busan, and the three Godzillans were then teleported to Busan, South Korea. Once they got there, Kunin was the first to see the Mutant Godzillan Clones, and met his opponent of the hour, Cancergojira. He was disturbed by the sight of them, but remained fearless. Kunin then fought off his clone, Cancergojira. 

Unfortunately though, Cancergojira had proven to be a very brutal and deadly adversary, by blowing up buildings, being too abnormally hot to touch and by bludgeoning Kunin several times with a tower. Near the end of the fight, Kunin began to lose a lot of blood and Cancergojira was about to pull off the finishing blow, but Romeo Blue then came in and saved him. Cancergojira then "killed" Romeo Blue by making him combust, but not before taking Cancergojira down with him by hooking on and exploding on him. Because of Romeo Blue's actions, Kunin then gained enough strength and determination to take down Cancergojira and transformed into Super Kunin. 

As Super Kunin, Super Kunin then curb-stomped Cancergojira and thrashed him hard, before finally finishing off the evil mutant clone by super-kicking him into the seas down below. Super Kunin then roared triumphantly, having finally defeated his foe, but was still in grief over Romeo Blue's death. Super Kunin then transformed back into Kunin and met back up with Rozan and TripGoji. He told the two that the clones were now defeated, but they still had to stop Inconnu. With that done and said, they left.

Encounter with Gekido-jin

Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji continued on with their quest to stop Inconnu, but were halted by Gekido-jin. Kunin did his best to old off Gekido-jin, but Gkeido-jin completely wailed on him, bashing him in the face multiple times with his War Hammer and blasting him into a rocky wall with his fiery Ki Blasts. Kunin was saved though when Cyber-Zilla came in and fought off Gekido-jin. Once the area caught on fire, Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji fled the area under Cyber-Zilla "commands" to leave him behind and do what they had to do, though Kunin was against the idea of leaving Cyber-Zilla behind. 

The Godzillans/Gamorans Alliance 

Kunin looked around the new area they had walked into, as he thought he heard something. Once he peeked through the trees, he found Gallibon. He called in Rozan and TripGoji to assist him, as is initially seemed that Gamoni, Zaranga and Gallibon came to ambush them. 

However this was not the case. After much arguing, the Godzillans (Kunin, Rozan, and TripGoji) and Gamoni's group (Gamoni, Zaranga and Gallibon) formed an uneasy alliance to work together to stop Inconnu. However, they were soon interrupted by an ambush headed by Xendrax and Camero. Xendrax and Camero then summoned four monsters (Gomira, Derpagon, Gagan and Folk Gabara) after them in order to stop them from ruining Inconnu's plan. Kunin fought off Folk Gabara along with Gamoni and managed to chase him away by blasting his Atomic Breath. Once the four Viledrode monsters fled, Kunin roared victoriously and the group continued their mission.

Halted Alliance

Unfortunately, the Godzillan/Gamoran Alliance's luck ran out. Inconnu's generals managed to catch up with alliance and attacked. Kunin mainly fought off Gekido-jin and Keris, the two put up a hard fight though, even managing to make Kunin bleed. Kunin did his best, though unfortunately he was outnumbered and outmanuevered when Inconnu's generals closed in on him and drove away his remaning allies, leaving him alone. Inconnu then showed up and drove away Rozan, torching her and sending her to fall off a cliff into the sea. Kunin was about to leap and tackle Inconnu, but he was stopped by Gekido-jin who smacked him in the face with his War Hammer, leaving him unconscious. The out-cold Kunin was then carried away to the summoning area as Inconnu didn't want him to "miss" Manto's arrival.

The Summoning of Manto

At the summoning area though, the Viledrodes couldn't contain Kunin for long, and Kunin broke free from his chains and became Super Kunin once again. He fought off Gekido-jin once again and swung him through across the base, and marched towards the center of the summoning area so that he could stop Inconnu and end the summoning once and for all. During his rampage, Super Kunin walked through and quickly defeated Sevengar, Mechagiras, Geboras, the White Martians, Itazuran, the Skeleto-Men and Hitodah.

After getting pass them, Super Kunin finally made it the center of the summoning area and was about to finish off Inconnu, but was then intervened by Emperor Tazarus and Kongzilla. Super Kunin fought the two off for a lengthy amount of time, but he eventually managed to defeat the two both after he got into a beam fight with Kongzilla and winning, causing a big explosion to occur and blasting Tazarus and Kongzilla away. Super Kunin then marched to fight Inconnu but unfortunately it was too late---Manto had arrived. Super Kunin then said to Inconnu that he would soon egret this and that he would find a way out of this, but then Manto fired a portal at Super Kunin; sending Super Kunin into another place known as "The Abyss".

Interlude into Space: SpookGoji

As it turned out though, the "Abyss" was merely a swirling vortex that Kunin was trapped in for what felt like weeks. Inside the vortex, Kunin saw the way out and reached his way to get through, past the bright flashing colors and loud noise. As Kunin got out of the vortex, he found himself hurdling in space. Though stranded floating in space, Kunin was at least glad that he wasn't in the confusing vortex anymore. Then a meteor arrived towards Kunin, which Kunin tried to get away from but landed on anyways.

Kunin was then stranded in space on a meteor. As he looked up, he saw another meteor approach him, this one appeared to be bleeding. The meteor then smashed within, releasing open a terrifying Gojiran monster known as SpookGoji. SpookGoji then roared at Kunin's face, and the two began to duel.

As Kunin and SpookGoji and slashed and clashed however, a group of creatures appeared! The Narutons! Two Narutons ambushed Kunin, but he swiped them away with his tail. As Jeff Jaguar the Killer and Smile.Baragon appeared, the Narutons were then finished off. With that, Kunin slipped away and took off to someplace else...

TripGoji in Heck

Pt. 4: Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 1

Kunin then immediately got off the meteor he was on and flew downwards down to "Heck" only there was only was going to be a rough landing.

As Kunin then crash-landed onto Heck, he made a fairly large explosion of dirt and debris and made a crater. The impact was so loud, TripGoji, HyperKeizer and Biker Jet Jaguar all heard it went to Kunin's area to investigate. The three were shocked to see Kunin arrive at Heck and decided to wake him up, though TripGoji advised them all that waking up Kunin would be no easy feat. 

Meanwhile in Kunin's psyche, Kunin began to have a strange vision. In it; he stood floating in a completely black background, up until a colorful flame erupted in front of him. Out from the flames, rose up a pale, talking stone-fox who began to speak to him; he began to say that he could help Kunin out on his "darkest hour". Kunin asked The Inari what he mean't; to which The Inari revealed to him that the one they seek; Majin Tuol,  was buried on the planet Heck, the very same planet they stood on. Kunin asked the Inari on where exactly they could find Majin Tuol, to which the Inari revealed he was buried near some place called the "Graveyard". Before anymore could be said, The Inari had to go, as he knew Kunin was about to wake up. With that, Kunin thanked the Inari for his help; Kunin then woke up finding himself to awakened by being zapped by electric eels.

Kunin leaped up from his feet, sweating profoundly, TripGoji and Biker Jet Jaguar then came up to Kunin and asked him if he was alright. Kunin talked to them about the dream he had about with the Inari and told them both he knew where they could Majin Tuol. TripGoji and Biker Jet Jaguar cheered, though there was currently only one problem; how would they all get there? Kunin, TripGoji and Biker Jet Jaguar all pondered this; but then a mysterious figure came to guide them; Karmesin. Karmsein knew the way to the Graveyard and asked the three to follow him. After some small talk with Karmesin, Kunin accepted Karmesin's offer. Karmsein then guided Kunin, TripGoji and Biker Jet Jaguar to the Graveyard.

Soon, they reached their destination, however Karmesin said he could go no further; Kunin and the others were on their own now. After Karmesin left, Kunin ordered Biker Jet Jaguar and TripGoji to start searching but then loud footsteps could then be heard; the Space Monsters (Garbage Monster, Jazz Gigan and Blues Megalon) had arrived along with an ally of theirs named "Guard Master". A fight then ensued, Kunin took on Garbage Monster, while TripGoji took Jazz Gigan, HyperKeizer took on Guard Master and Biker Jet Jaguar took on Blues Megalon. 

As the fight went on though, Guard Master brought up the fact that they had the same goal which was to eliminate both Manto and Inconnu; so they should put aside their differences for now and work together to take them down. While it wasn't easy, Kunin and Garbage Monster ordered both of their respective groups to stop fighting each other and team up to better deal against the Manto threat. With that, the two groups aligned. Gamoni also joined them, as she wanted to help them. Kunin was skeptical to trusting Gamoni again, but regardless tamed up with her. After some banter between them, Guard Master disappeared; Kunin sighed and was baffled. To make matters worse; a stampeding horde of Narutons were coming their way....

Blues Megalon, Jazz Gigan, TripGoji and Biker Jet Jaguar then took action and charged at the Naruton horde, along with the help of Plissken, Shiro, Karmesin and Glockenspiel. As they all took on the Narutons, Kunin, Gamoni and Garbage Monster were left to go reawaken Majin Tuol. Kunin and Gamoni and Garbage Monster then head on and ventured into the Graveyard to find Majin Tuol. Upon searching, Kunin and the other two found a giant, exotic looking humanoid statue. Kunin saw it and knew right away that it wasn't Majin Tuol, but wondered how it got there anyways. Gamoni stated the she found it familiar. As Kunin, Gamoni and Garbage Monster then continued their search, a loud crack could then be heard behind they turned around, the giant statue came to life. Shocked, Kunin then ordered Gamoni and Garbage Monster to attack the giant statue with him.

Pt. 5: Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 2

Kunin (along with Gamoni and Garbage Monster) then fired all of their beams at their strongest at the giant statue, but too no avail, the Living Sunerian Statue was heavily armored and resistant to their attacks. The Living Sunerian Statue then fired it's eye beams at Kunin and the other two, to which Kunin, Gamoni and Garbage Monster got out of the way from. The Living Sunerian Statue then made it's way to the other side of the battlefield, causing even more danger to the situation. 

As the intense battle with the gargantuan statue dragged on, Kunin tried to think of a way to get rid of the giant statue once and for all without any interference, but Gamoni reminded him that the giant statue was resistant to their beam attacks, meaning that it could take a really long time to destroy it. As Kunin talked to Gamoni some more, Garbage Monster then ran up and attacked the Living Sunerian Statue. Kunin ran up to Garbage Monster telling him no to do this and that it wasn't his fight, but Garbage Monster refused to listen, as he wanted to do something right and to protect Kunin and Gamoni. Kunin watched in horror as the Living Sunerian Statue then grabbed Garbage Monster of it's back and then threw him across the area against a space garbage pit, making a big explosion. 

Enraged, Kunin leaped at the Living Sunerian Statue, but the giant statue didn't care and just kicked Kunin across the field, causing Kunin to hit his head against a big rock and knocking him out unconscious. As Kunin lay there, he then entered into another vision with the Inari again. The Inari told him that thanks to the massive explosions they did there on the battlefield, Majin Tuol was now awake again. However, the Inari warned Kunin that he also happened to be standing in the same area Majin Tuol would be rising up from and told him to wake up now and get out of there. Kunin then woke up, with Gamoni by his his side. Kunin told her that they had to get out of there. Kunin and Gamoni then ran aways from the spot.

Majin Tuol then made his entrance, smashing out from the desert plains and roared at the skies, making his presence known. Majin Tuol spotted the Living Sunerian Statue and then made quick work of the statue beast, slicing at it with his might sword, killing the Living Sunerian Statue once and for all. The attacking Narutons saw this and then retreated in fear. Kunin roared victoriously and waked up to get back with Biker Jet Jaguar and TripGoji. Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan then flew off to go find Garbage Monster and Gamoni then slipped aways, as she had other matters to attend to. Kunin talked to TripGoji and Biker Jet Jaguar, congratulating them both on a job well done, but their was still much work to be done soon.

With that, they decided to take a break until dawn; TripGoji fell asleep, Majin Tuol sat down in silence watching over them, while Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar sat down and began to talk to each other. Soon, Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar were transported back to Earth, while TripGoji went his seperate way.

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 1: Journey's End

Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar landed down at Busan, South Korea where they began to search for Rozan, who Kunin had been missing a lot for a while now. As they looked around, they came across the hulls of countless Jaegers, Mechas and Vehicles scattered throughout the land. Kunin was determined however.

I may not see Rozan, but I feel that she's not far from here. C'mon, I know we've been walking and running for about a week now, but we gotta keep a move on. „ 

— Kunin

Before they could leave the Huskyard though, something then appeared and attacked Kunin; Rat-Bat-Spider! As Rat-Bat-Spider pounced on Kunin, Kunin then swung his tail in retaliation, to which the Rat-Bat-Spider just bit on his tail; Kunin then thrashed his tail around some more to get the monster off. Biker Jet Jaguar then karate chopped at Rat-Bat-Spider, finally getting it off but then Rat-Bat-Spider fired a stream of webs at Kunin, to which Kunin blasted his Atomic Breath against Rat-Bat-Spider...only it was wearing armor, so that didn't work either.

Then however Rat-Bat-Spider was chased off by a familiar looking Godzillan known as FigGodzi. While FigGodzi did not know a whole lot about Kunin or Biker Jet Jaguar (the same for the other two) Kunin allowed FigGodzi to join them on their journey, as apparently FigGodzi was familiar with him about the Godzillan/Sunerian war and about Heck. Kunin, Biker Jet Jaguar and FigGodzi then moved on.

Meanwhile, as Rozan was panting after their fight with Rat-Bat-Spider, something else then could be heard moving behind her. A tall figure then appeared, rising out from the ground, floodlights glaring from his eyes. Rozan staggered back, followed by Lushan hurling a coconut against the figure, causing the figure to be hit in the head, only to respond in pain; it turns out the figure was Biker Jet Jaguar. Rozan then asked as to who was he, which then Biker Jet Jaguar introduced himself to her. Rozan was a bit confused as to why he was here, only for Biker Jet Jaguar to reveal that he had brought Kunin along with him. Kunin then ran up to Rozan, and then Rozan ran up to Kunin; the two Godzillans were reunited once more.

Kunin asked Rozan if "they" (as in Inconnu's gang) had hurt her, to which Rozan told him that she was fine. Kunin and Rozan tended to each other some more, up until then a swarm of Black Dogs appeared, preparing for their attack. Then all of sudden, a poorly drawn crayon atomic breath hits some of the Black Dogs, shooting some down' TripGoji had returned as well! As the Black Dogs began to swarm around the area some more, it was up to Rozan, Kunin, Lushan, RabanGoji and TripGoji to stop them; the five Godzillans got into battle position.

Kunin, Rozan, TripGoji, RabanGoji and Lushan all fire their Atomic Beams at the Black Dogs in the sky. MANY of the flying Black Dogs are then taken down by the Atomic Beams, creating a big fireworks-like explosion in the air. After some more fighting with the Black Dogs, FigGodzi and Hitvany then launched a TK Sphere against many Black Dogs, to which Kunin, Rozan, TripGoji, RabanGoji, Lushan, Biker Jet Jaguar and the Forgotten Monsters all staggered back from the attack, watching in awe. Just when it seemed all of the Black Dogs were finished though, a laser beam then is shot down at the five Godzillan's area, causing an explosion to occur. Mechanical Raban, Inconnu and Emperor Tazarus had arrived...

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 2: The Big Showdown

A fight then broke out between five Godzillans and Biker Jet Jaguar and Inconnu, Emperor Tazarus and Mechanical Raban, to which Inconnu fought against Kunin; ramming against him. Kunin then turned around and slashed his claws against Inconnu, followed up by swinging his large tail against him. Inconnu stepped back away from Kunin's tail however and then...disappeared? Kunin looked around, wondering where Inconnu went, to which Inconnu reappeared and walking out from a dimensional hole, tackling Kunin. Then from out of the blue a mysterious Jiran then appeared and charged at Inconnu, guns a blazing. Inconnu was hit by the blasts, shoots his Death Force Beam around, sweeping it towards the Jiran and Kunin; Kunin rolled over to avoid the beam and the Jiran charged through the beam.

Inconnu then focused his attention back to attacking Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar, the latter of which then ran up towards him and raised up his sword and striked down, slicing Inconnu's right arm clean off....but then three "tendrils" appeared out of Inconnu's right arm area, whipping against Biker Jet Jaguar hard. Inconnu then completely regenerated his right arm, saying that Biker Jet Jaguar would have to try better than that. Just then, the mysterious Jiran opened fire some MEBs against Inconnu, to which they blasted against Inconnu badly. Inconnu then vanished only to appear again to fight Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar.

Their fight came to a close however when the skies began to darken more and the Black Dogs returned, with more Black Dogs then the last army. Kunin, Rozan, Lushan and RabanGoji then all blasted their atomic beams around the swarm as much as they can, but to almost no avail. Lightning and thunder rolled in; Kunin and Rozan regrouped with each other, looking up in the sky. Manto had arrived...

Manto then taunted and spoke to Kunin, Rozan and the Godzillan cousins some more; Kunin argued with Manto, stating that he knew nothing about the Godzillan/Sunerian war and them, also calling him a liar and monster. Kunin and the other Godzillans then fought on the Black Dog swarms with their strength and atomic beams some more, but sadly to no avail. Manto then slashed the skies, creating a portal to his world. Kunin, Rozan, Lushan, RabanGoji and TripGoji (as well as Inconnu, Tazarus and the Black Dogs) were then all transported to the Manto Planet...

Insanity Incarnate Pt. 3: The Fall of Manto

As Kunin, Rozan, TripGoji, Lushan and RabanGoji landed on the Manto Planet, they got into battle position, ready to fight against Manto and his horde. As the five Godzillans were about to be overwhelemed however, they were then aided by Majin Tuol and the Godzillans to help them, Kunin included.

I think we might be kind of outnumbered.... „ 

— TripGoji

That's what they said about the Sunerians. Look how that turned out. „ 

— Kunin

Kunin led the Godzillans into battle and then got himself into battle position. Kunin then blasted a powerful atomic beam against Inconnu, blasting him back. During the middle of the battle, Tazarus then got back up and started to fire a ton of fireballs from his sword against Rozan (along with TripGoji, RabanGoji and Lushan), causing them to run around for a bit, up until Kunin came to battle with Tazarus. Kunin rushed towards Tazarus and blasted his atomic beam against him, partially setting Tazarus's cape on fire.

Kunin slammed his tail against Tazarus, to which Tazarus grabbed Kunin's tail and began shocking it. Kunin was shocked and then reeled his tail up; Kunin and Tazarus then began to rapidly punch and kick against each other, finally following it up by smacking his tail against Emperor Tazarus and sending him sliding across the ground.

Near the end of the battle, Majin Tuol, TK Majin Tuol and Sol then began to pummel Manto, to which Kunin, Rozan, RabanGoji, Lushan and TripGoji all watched as Majin Tuol and Sol fought Manto. At that moment however, Tazarus then got back up and shot lighting form his hands at the five Godzillans, shocking them all. Soon however, Kunin fought back and then blasted his atomic breath against the Viledrode Emperor, then soon joined by Rozan and the other three Godzillans. Altogether; their beams blasted Emperor Tazarus hard, not only creating a big explosion, but also burning off a majority of Tazarus's metal and cloak and then sending him flying faraways, defeating him.

After that, Manto was then destroyed by the combined attacks of Majin Tuol's, The Eight Forked Serpent's and Sol's slashes, destroying him. Rozan and the others then ducked and covered to be safe from the blast. They then got back up, the threat of Manto was now officially over; Kunin and Rozan danced and cheered. The Black Dogs then transformed back into their original forms "the Sphinxes" and then thanked Rozan and Kunin for freeing them.

Kunin, Rozan, TripGoji, RabanGoji and Lushan were then taken back home to Earth by Majin Tuol, who flew all the way there. With Manto now gone, Kunin and Rozan could now go back to living on Earth, having saved it from the evil cloaked threat.

The Third Monster Island War

Main article: The Third Monster Island War.

Solgell Island

Kunin and Rozan later on moved into the island of Solgell Island, where there they would meet BirthGoji, Biollante, Rokmutul, Ghido, ShodaiKamas and several others for their "neighbours". The two then became official new members of the island and reside there since.

Lullaby From The Past

Kunin made a brief appearance in the RP where he and Rozan were sleeping at Solgell Island, until they then heard some strange mysterious waves being transmitted to them from afar. Rozan suggested that they maybe could go check on what that is coming from, but then the signals stopped coming and Kunin felt that they didn't even know what it was yet, so Kunin decided that it was probably nothing too much to worry about. Kunin then fell back asleep, as did Rozan.

Abilities & Forms

  • Atomic Breath: Kunin can fire an atomic breath from his mouth.
  • Physical Strength Kunin is very strong and durable, being able to take a lot of damage against himself.
  • Regeneration: Kunin has regeneration that while may not be as advanced as his wife Rozan's he can still regenerate fast enough.
  • Fireballs: Kunin can fire small, but powerful fireballs from his mouth. Mainly used for long ranged attacks.
  • Enhanced Durability: Kunin has enhanced durability.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Kunin has enhanced stamina.
  • Nuclear Pulse Kunin can release a nuclear pulse when needed.
  • Adept Swimmer: Kunin can swim at surprisingly high speeds underwater.
  • Superheated HF Broadsword: Kunin's signature weapon that he can use against battle.

This form is the result of whenever things get too out of a hand or feeling intense rage. Kunin can only stay in this form for about two hours at most, but he can also change back to his normal form at will.

  • Enhanced Strength: Kunin becomes far more stronger in this form, his skin becoming more hardened like armor and being able to tank more powerful hits against himself.
  • Enhanced Atomic Breath: Kunin's atomic breath becomes a darker shade of blue and is more powerful than his original Atomic Breath.
  • Flight: Kunin is capable of flight in his Super Form and can fly at Mach 4.
  • Fireballs: Kunin can fire cyan-colored fireballs form his hands. They do far more damage than his original fireballs and are pretty explosive under close contact.
  • Seismic Kick: Kunin can deliver a powerful kick against his foes by gathering enough energy from his feet. Is mainly used as a finisher attack against his foes.


  • Slower Regeneration: His regeneration is not as fast as Rozan's.
  • Endangerment: Seeing Rozan get hurt or injured, or get put into a very dangerous situation.


Bubbles? Are you f**king kidding me? „ 

— Kunin towards Itazuran using bubble blast against him.

I know this is some pretty heavy stuff, but the sooner we get it done, the better. „ 

— Kunin

Isn't it wrong to turn a blind eye into evil? Our ancestors, with the power of endurance and resignation and love, were able to enlighten many furiously violent aliens into becoming peaceful. „ 

— Kunin

Try not to be too worrisome, Rozan. „ 

— Kunin

You tried to kill my wife. Now it's personal. „ 

— Kunin to Neo Spacegodzilla during All Out Hell II.

We've come this far; I am not letting Manto or his swarm cause any more harm. „ 

— Kunin fighting Manto.



Rozan is Kunin's beloved wife and the person Kunin cares most about. His relationship with her is an old one, going back to ten thousands of years. He isn't too clingy too Rozan though, and the two will sometimes not always agree with each other, but overall their a very good couple. 


He has somewhat of a small dislike towards Gfantis, but he doesn't hate him.

Heisei Gamera

Kunin considers Heisei Gamera to be one of his closest friends and an excellent fighter. Him and Heisei Gamera often make a good team during battle.


Like Gfantis, Kunin had a small dislike towards IguanaGoji at first and didn't trust him at first. He then eventually managed to accept IguanaGoji more when he learned he had saved Rozan's life when she first came down to Earth.


TripGoji is probably Kunin's closest friend from his home planet. The two have knwo each other since the old days, dating back to when they were very young. Kunin seems to be either amused or annoyed by TripGoji's antics, but he mentions that "he hasn't changed a bit".

Biker Jet Jaguar

Not a lot is known about the relationship between Kunin and Biker Jet Jaguar but they two do appear to be good friends, as both of them had dealt with TripGoji and are both strong warriors.


ReginaGoji is a close ally/friend of Kunin, as she allowed him and Rozan to adopt Little Godzilla. She usually visits their place for the baby Gojiran, and she also helped them fight CenturyGhido.


Gamoni is an old foe of Kunin, and Kunin does not like her one bit. Despite being archenemies, their will be times they will put aside their differences to combat against a more chaotic evil (such as in All Out II.)

Emperor Tazarus

Kunin hates Emperor Tazarus and sees him as nothing more than a power hungry evil overlord.


Kunin actually hates Inconnu more, as while he thinks Tazarus is nothing more than an evil overlord, his hatred towards Inconnu is on a more personal level as Inconnu tends to target him and his wife.


  • Kunin of course originates from the lost project, A Space Godzilla (1979).
  • He is one of Gallibon the Destroyer's favorite scrapped Godzilla kaiju as well as one of his favorite RP characters.
  • Like Gamoni, Kunin has multiple misspelled names on the Internet for a while up until his real name was discovered. These names are: "Kuunin", "Koonin", "Kuurin", "Curnin", "Lushan" and  "Kurin". Out of all the A Space Godzilla characters, Kunin has the most.
  • He is also known by his nickname, "Father Godzilla", as according to the story.
  • Interestingly enough, he was featured in both the original version of the Third Monster Island War and also featured in the official canon version.


Hausu (House) Soundtrack 09 - In the Evening Mist

Hausu (House) Soundtrack 09 - In the Evening Mist