Used by
Lord Vehk
Gaira, Sanda, Godzilla, Shisa
Gamoni, Baragon, Gyaos
50 meters
Not Available
Earth Defenders
Toho Character

Frankenstein (フランケンシュタイン Furankenshutain) is a humanoid kaiju and an RP character that is used by Lord Vehk.


Frankenstein is shown to have a savage mind, but always defends humanity from what threats he can defeat, or calling in back up from his large allies.


After his fight with the original Baragon monster and being trapped underground for many years, Frankenstein was able to dig his way out of his unnatural grave and make his way towards Monster Island. Shortly after he arrived, the island was attacked by the Gyaos swarm, which he did his best to help defeat.


  • Enhanced Regeneration: Frankenstein's enhanced regeneration allows for virtually limitless healing that makes him essentially immortal. Not only did his heart regenerate an entire body, but he was later shown to instantaneously grow back his hand after it was severed during his escape. Naturally, he can also regenerate from severe injuries and wounds.
  • Immortality: Due to his immortal heart, Frankenstein cannot ever truly die.
  • Severed Limb Life: Frankenstein's severed limbs can take on a life of their own.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Frankenstein is also highly intelligent. Despite not understanding human speech patterns when he was first captured, Frankenstein gradually became able to understand when his caretaker, Sueko Togami, spoke to him.
  • Enhanced Durability: Frankenstein has enhanced durability and can survive against getting hit many large objects and still come out unharmed. Frankenstein is shown to be impervious to bullets as well. Frankenstein was able to withstand repeated strikes from Baragon's heat beam, and eventually triumphed over his larger and more dangerous adversary.
  • Electrokinesis: Frankenstien has control over electrical energy and can use to shock and electrify at his opponents during combat.


  • Flames: Frankenstein has a lethal weakness to fire and fire-based attacks which leaves him at the mercy of the GDF's fire-based weaponry.


  • Frankenstein is one of the few Earth Defenders who appears almost entirely in the defense of humanity.
  • He is Lord Vehk's first RP character as well as first kaiju character by default.