The Golden Knight
Used by
FlamingoMask, Pea-san, Gomora, HellGoji.
DevilZilla and Monster X

Pakki, Monster Mono, Lunaticks, Mecha-Gomora, Ultraman Belial, Neo Bagan.

Ghidorah - Human Hybrid
Undefined, can sizeshift.
Earth Defenders
Captain Ghidorah (キャプテン ギドラ, Kyaputen Gidora) is a hero from the Mirrorverse and is a roleplay character used by MechaZero101.


Only a few million years after the creation of the Mirrorverse, a race of benevolent, three headed golden dragons started appearing, saving planets of tyrants and the like. Eventually, they formed a legion of sorts and continued to save and help the peoples of various galaxies.

A millennia after the formation of the legion, a Ghidorah was sent to Earth to fight off the creature known as 'Devilzilla'. The Ghidorah was defeated and was killed by the tyrant of the monsters. While the deceased Ghidorah had indeed been humanity's last hope, mankind wasn't ready to give up. They took some DNA samples from the Ghidorah's carcass, merging it with human DNA, creating the ultimate warrior. Captain Ghidorah, as the people called him, fought equally with Devilzilla, and after a war that lasted fifty years, Devilzilla had no choice but to destroy the planet, and traverse to another Earth to rule. Little did he know that Captain Ghidorah was right behind him.

Captain Ghidorah and Devilzilla ended up landing in different sides of the Earth. Captain Ghidorah decided to lay low and study the world in secret, learning just about every language on Earth. Finally, Cap decided to officially appear on his first battle on the Moon.


Debut: Captain Ghidorah: Fight for the Moon!

Cap was fighting Lunaticks on the Moon, until suddenly, Monster Mono appeared. Cap Ghidorah started fighting them both, until Ultraman Great showed up. Cap Ghidorah fought with Lunaticks, until he threw the kaiju on his own bombs and slashed him, he then went and assisted Ultraman Great in fighting Mono, to gain the upper hand, Cap transformed into his true from.

Lunaticks hopped away scared by Cap, he then attacked Mono with his Gravity beams, Mono fired his own beams too, which then the two beams clashed, but then Cap fired his beam from another head from the side, hitting Mono. He then flies up and causes an earthquake using his wings, while Ultraman Great is fighting with Lunaticks, Cap transformed back into himself ,only to be slashed in the chest by Mono, this was a bad idea, as Cap fired his Omega Gravity Blast at him.

Mono retreated after the attack. Cap then flies at extreme speeds and tackles Lunaticks, ramming him against a boulder, then the other kaiju ran away. Cap and Ultraman Great thank each other and say their goodbyes as each one of them goes home.

Monkey Business

Cap Ghidorah showed up once he's heard a distress call, he first met FlamingoMask once a colorful alien stepped out of a crashed ship, the alien started to speak in unintelligible none sense. Cap tried to translate the words before the alien started to speak in understandable words, He introduced himslef as Pea-san and said that he has captured a giant space ape known as Pakki but he crash landed, which means that Pakki escaped.

The two then flew off looking for Pakki, FlamingoMask first found him, then Cap joined in. After some fighting the two got a telepathic message by Pea-san telling them to hold Pakki off, as he was quickly repairing his ship, Cap Ghidorah then knocked Pakki out. Pea-san recaptured Pakki and flew off, Cap and FlamingoMask waved goodbye at Pea-san, and then congratulated each other and both of then went on to do whatever they were going to do.

Agent Paras Part 3: Savior vs Savior

Agent Paeas led a squadron of Tengu Warriors to attack a damaged GDF building as Orga (AMA) attacked it, but was met with resistance from Captain Ghidorah, after a hole was put through his gut he revealed his regenerative powers to him, and began telling him his story and motivations. Eventually the fight finished and Cap almost killed him, but he refused to and he left.

Alternate Realities Clash! Captain Ghidorah against Monster X!

Captain Ghidorah fought Monster X after the latter started causing havoc, after a lengthy and painful battle, the two charged up their strongest beam attacks. After firing them, both were stuck in an energy beam lock, which then caused a powerful explosion, causing both fighters to disappear. Captain Ghidorah had actually sent off to space and encased himself in a thick golden light, healing up and resting after that brutal fight. In fact, the experience seems to have left quite the mark on him. He also didn't use his Emperor Ghidorah form, for some reason.

FIghting Against A Robotic Foe! Captain Ghidorah's back!

Captain Ghidorah appeared in Hiroshima in order to fight off Mecha-Gomora. The two fought for a while, with Cap hindering Mecha-Gomora's search for the Kaiju capsules. Captain Ghidorah eventually decided to speak to Mecha-Gomora telepathically, while probing it's memory, finding out about Ultraman Belial. This however, left him open and as such, he was knocked out by Mecha-Gomora who took the rest of the Kaiju capsules and left. However, this was all part of Cap's plan, as he snatched a Kaiju capsule, which had Pigmon.

A new visitor has arrived however, revealed to be Gomora. The two talked for a bit, in which Cap gave Gomora the Kaiju capsule. Cap then flew away as Gomora headed to Tokyo, having business there.

A Crystalline Nemesis? A Titanic Battle Ensues!

Captain Ghidorah appeared to be entering the city of Kyoto, when suddenly, he found Crystalline Monster X wrecking the city. A fight ensued between the two. Crystalline Monster X being extremely brutal.


Encounter With The Mysterious Snow Crystal

Captain Ghidorah was patrolling Dublin when he felt hungry, and headed towards a hotdog stand. However, his body started to move on it's own, flying him to the North Pole, and walking him over to an old, abandoned temple. Captain Ghidorah entered, finding a pedestal with a blue crystal on it. The crystal then floated upwards before lunging forward, causing Cap to forcefully absorb it. Cap then looked over to his hand, which was covered in a blue mist.

Cap then raised his hand, only for an ice beam to burst from it, crashing the area around him. He tried to turn it off, but wasn't able to. After smacking his hand a few times, it finally stopped. However, the temple crumbled down on the captain. Cap then got out, confused by this new power. He then blasted off, calling it a day.

The Snow Crystal Follow Up! Mastery Over Ice?

Captain Ghidorah was in a forest near Osaka, meditating. A blue mist covered his form, as it started snowing around him. In his mind, he was in front of a burning town. His ears were blasted with the screams and pleas for help. Cap tried to put off the fire but he couldn't as the screams got louder, and the desperate pleas resonated in his head like a lullaby looping over and over again. The screams became an unbearable headache, as Cap shouted in the air, a blizzard came down on the town, putting out the fires.

Captain Ghidorah opened his eyes, and found that the mist was gone. He then took a step back and aimed for the pile of snow from before. He then fired an ice beam, piling over even more snow. And he was able to cease firing at will. He then formed a spiky gauntlet made out of ice around his hand. He then left as he felt an upsurge of energy nearby.


Captain Ghidorah is humanoid, golden in color, and has a huge glowing mark on his chest and also has horns on his head. He is very muscular and has two "big spikes" on his shoulders. He possesses red eyes and a heroic face. He also possesses a few horns on his head.


Captain Ghidorah is very enthusiastic, optimistic and kind, but can be serious and mad. He is a leader by instinct, possessing the ability to make reasonable and beneficial decisions. He also holds a great guilt, blaming himself for the billions of lives that Devilzilla took. Captain Ghidorah is also extremely sympathetic, refusing to kill anything unless it's absolutely necessary for them to die, he mostly does this as he believes that the most cruel of evils can become good eventually. Captain Ghidorah is very honorable in a fight and wants to fight equally and fairly, whoever the enemy might be. Cap is also extremely curious, which often gets him in sticky situations.


  • Enhanced Strength: Captain Ghidorah is physically formidable, as he is able to lift things tens of times heavier than himself.
  • Enhanced Speed: Captain Ghidorah is very fast due to his humanoid structure.
  • Enhanced Agility: Captain Ghidorah is extremely agile and nimble.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Captain Ghidorah can fight for an extended amount of time.
  • Enhanced Durability: Due to his armor, Captain Ghidorah is able to take less damage from attacks.
  • Abnormal Resistance: Captain Ghidorah is immune to toxins and poisons.
  • Flight: Captain Ghidorah is capable of flying at a maximum speed of Mach 7.
  • Teleportation: Captain Ghidorah is able to partially teleport, as he cannot teleport long distances.
  • Size Shifting: Captain Ghidorah is able to size shift, it is unknown what his limit is.
  • Telepathy: Captain Ghidorah is a weak telepathic, able to only probe one's memories and talk to them through his mind.
  • Gravity Energy Manipulation: Captain Ghidorah is able to manipulate the energy that forms any Ghidorah's gravity beams.
  • Lightning Manipulation: Captain Ghidorah is able to manipulate a stronger form of lightning and electricity.
  • Ice Manipulation: After absorbing the snow crystal, Captain Ghidorah can now manipulate ice and snow.

Unleashing his Ghidoran genes, Captain Ghidorah can transform into a powerful three headed dragon. He quickly rises to an enormous size, becoming quadrupedal and bulkier. He now possesses wings which actually enable him to fly, despite his immense size. Cap's physical stats are greatly enhanced, and his ranged attacks become more powerful than ever.

  • Enhanced Stats: Captain Ghidorah's stats are greatly enhanced.
  • Continuous Gravity Beams: He can fire multiple gravity beams from his three mouths.
    • Freezing Gravity Beams: He can fire blueish white gravity beams which freeze their targets.
  • Flight: His flight speed increases to Mach 10.
  • Wing Hurricanes: When flapping his massive wings, they can create hurricanes and even electric tornadoes.


  • He is also known as "Captain Zero".
  • Due to not being able to find the artist, here's where MechaZero got the artwork from:
  • He is able to transform into a quadrupedal Ghidoran due to being an alternate version of Monster X, as he can transform into his Keizer Ghidorah form. The only difference is that Monster X, in the RPVerse, is unaware of this transformation while Captain Ghidorah is. And they are not separate entities.