Burning Mothra
Used by
Fellow Mosurans, Mothra, Megalon, Super Gosei Kiryu, Gaias Anguirus, Agua Hedorah, Aeros Gamera , his son, Super Zilla, FoxMask
TokyoGoji,Any Member of the Second Gojiran Order, DarknessBagramon , Mugendramon
32 meters
47 meters
Infant Island, Epochers
Fanon Monster
bernin stawf is hawrdur dan it luks, k? „ 

— Burning Mothra insisting that the use of pyrokenisis is not a simple feat.

Burning Mothra (; JP:バーニングモスラ, Baaningu Mosura), formerly Larva 6, is an undead Mosuran and a key member to the Epochers, being one of the first to join the group. She is used by Flaredragon00.


Burning Mothra (Baningu Mosura) is a well meaning individual who has a hard time getting into relationships with others. He believes that showing his kinder inner side would make him look weak and helpless compared to the rest of the group, and only confides in Super Gosei Kiryu about these, though he is just as likely to treat him as garbage in front of others to try and put on an aloof stature. To him, family is most important, and he talks to his family as often as he is willing to let himself. To keep on his tough appearance, he has not been talking to his family as of late. As a member of the Epochers, he is the last line of defense against DarknessBagramon should he get more powerful. He enjoys consuming peanut butter, but as peanut butter adds to his power and makes him stronger, he prefers not to eat it unless in dire situation.



  • Peanut Butter
  • Saving People
  • Beating up Giz and her cohorts.
  • Video Games
  • Doing Good Things
  • Burning Things


  • Losing control
  • Those who hurt the innocent.
  • Berlin's current control system of backstabbing dictators
  • Spiderman's antics.


  • Flight at Mach 3
  • Ability to generate incredibly hot flame
  • Can summon fellow Epochers by summoning his kanji
  • Shooting out a solar flame target shaped like a dinosaur [Peanut Kyoryu Blazer]
  • Shooting flaming stingers from his abdomen that can poison the enemy [Hellfire Cross]
  • Shooting out solar hot fire in a condensed beam that aims directly for the Peanut Kyroyu Blazer [Hellish Peanut Finisher]


i wel uze fors if niidud „ 

— Burning Mothra on deadly force

u mawst pai gez, pai fur keelun mi, pai fur harmin jirmani, pai fur bein a BECH! „ 

— Burning Mothra on Giz