AwakeningGoji, the prehistoric kaiju
Godzilla Awakening - Godzilla
Used by
Wally Ring
Female M.U.T.O.
Shinomura, Spiral Shinomura, Neo Jet Jaguar, Ooaranya, 15Goji
Prehistoric Daikaiju
355 meters tall
550 meters long
Sea Creatures/Prehistoric
Toho/Legendary character

AwakeningGoji is a prehistoric Gojiran and a RP character used by Wally Ring.


AwakeningGoji battled Shinomura in the past, was hit by a meteor, and went into hibernation in a glacier. He eventually broke out of the glacier and fled away from japan.

He then reappeared again, this time joining up with a re-activated Coyote Tango and Female M.U.T.O. to destroy ALT's forces and battle Neo Jet Jaguar and Jagan. After they fled he went back to Bikini Atoll.

He then appeared again in the countryside of the Japan, he encountered 15Goji before beggining to attack him. The opposing gojiran fled into the seas and AwakeningGoji chased him to the Philippines where they both battled each other. AwakeningGoji soon collapsed under the 1322 Golden Empire Tower, down but not out, if the gojiran can rest underneath the rubble.

He then was later seen in Moansta Island, resting as usual.


  • Atomic breath-His standard beam for long ranged attacks, deals medium damage.
    • Spiral Ray-His charged up beam, if charged for a long time its damaging levels could be proved devastating but doing so will exhaust him.
  • Impenetrable hide-His hide in other words.
  • Melee Prowess-Self explanatory.


AwakeningGoji's behavior is that of a wild animal. He chooses not to attack until he's attacked and usual doesn't disturbs humanity, as he usual passes by them on his daily hunt.

He shares a hatred bond with Shinomura due to them battling eachother in the past. He may battle one to the death if he spots them, whenever they be in a city or not.


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