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Jay's Wing
Zardoris, Delta Biollante, Leafeon, Neo Gigan, Dracoruss, FoxMask, Sokogeki Anguirus, Rainbow Dash, Barubaroi, Rilah, Shadowverse Anguirus, Gomora, Oxyon, Frankenstein, Birthgoji, Heisei Gamera, Komi, Macrosaurus, Yuki Certasancti, Gomora, Jigoku, Cyberdrakus, Anguirus 2007, Shameless Fox, CenturyAngira, Female Muto, Baymax
Crystalleon, Mecha-Gomora, Aggressive Baragon, Super Gotengo, Grand Godzilla, Lightning Bug, Birth-Super Godzilla, Trahir, The Crystal Cavalier, Cabron, DemonAngira, Angweerus, The Mystery Bones of Infant Island (Necropolis Version), Karloff, Mutavore, 15Goji, Garou, Democratic Retriever, Jewish Shepherd, Border Commie, Baltan Omega, King Joe Black, SpookGoji
12 years
40 meters
130 meters
Earth defenders
Toho Character
What a twist! „ 

— Anguirus

Anguirus is a RP character and a mutated Anklyosaurus used by Jay's Soviet Wing.


Anguirus has a very random personality. He's usually the Comic Relief of most RPs. As well as this, Anguirus possesses knowledge of "The Fourth Wall", and frequently uses this to his advantage in comedy. However, Anguirus can be very rude at times, and often forgets that he isn't invincible. As well as this, Anguirus always wants to be the center of attention, never shutting up in a fight.

Likes and dislikes


  • Teleporting
  • Fighting (Sometimes)
  • Breaking the 4th wall


  • Boredom
  • Being ignored


Neo Gigan

Despite only a few cases mentioned here, Anguirus has been in many RPs with Neo Gigan. Over time they became close friends before then never seeing eachother from late 2015 to now. Anguirus might have once felt something for Neo Gigan, but over time he's almost completely forgotten about her.


Anguirus has met Dracoruss a few times, and has become a good friend of him over time. Despite this, Anguirus remembers Dracoruss more than the other way around, and hopes to meet him again, despite the fact that Dracoruss hasn't shown up for at least a good year by now.

Shadowverse Anguirus

Anguirus and Shadowverse Anguirus seem like they would go together greatly - I mean, they're the same kaiju! But surprisingly, when the two interact with each other, neither one can stand the other, due to both wanting all the attention. Despite this, the two can get along reasonably well, and can still be good friends if they're not alone with each other.

Sokogeki Anguirus

Due to being his younger brother, Anguirus does have a good relationship with Sokogeki Anguirus. However, despite this, Anguirus can be very annoying to his older brother. Sometimes Anguirus does this on accident, sometimes on purpose. As well as this, there's the obvious brother relationship: the older Sokogeki Anguirus holds himself responsible for Anguirus' safety, but Anguirus has escaped from his older brother and doesn't fight in overly dangerous fights with him to avoid worrying the older spiky kaiju.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash and Anguirus used to be good friends. They would hang out all the time with Shadowverse Anguirus. However, Rainbow Dash has been in Equestria for over a year now, completely away from the RPVerse, and Anguirus doesn't want to go there and reunite, either. Too many bad memories to bring back to light.

Heisei Gamera

Heisei Gamera and Anguirus are good friends. Since Heisei Gamera is Angy's roommate, the two have had a lot of time to bond, even though Anguirus sides with Yuki Certasancti on the matter of Rilah. However, since his disappearance and rebirth, Anguirus doesn't care for the new Heisei Gamera and avoids him.



Yuki Certasancti



Anguirus does remember Leafeon, but wishes he didn't. For some reason, there was a time that Leafeon and Angy were in a relationship. Anguirus wishes that it had never happened, but it had, before Leafeon was the first to realize just how stupid this was and end it. Now, they don't meet, and when they do its just awkward silence.

Delta Biollante

Delta Biollante and Anguirus never interact anymore, mainly due to Delta Biollante herself never appearing anymore, but back in 2013 and 2014 Delta Biollante and Anguirus were inseparable. Whenever Anguirus said absolutely anything, Delta Biollante would respond with "^". Now, however, the two are long separated, and have forgotten each other since.


Angweerus is the only individual Anguirus actively dislikes. Not only is Angweerus a "complete rip-off" of him with the teleportation, but he also doesn't even have anything funny about him besides a single thing he says all the time.


Anguirus and Baymax are on very good terms, even though they've only met once. Their similar comedic, bombastic personalities combined with their great synergy in battle makes them both great friends and great battle partners.


Beyond All Record

The Good Ol' Days

Anguirus has been on many, many, many adventures, many so long ago that AnguirusFTW2013 hadn't learned of using Pastebin yet. Being AnguirusFTW's first character, his first ever RP was on Monster Island, along with such kaiju as Kiryu (Flare), Gigan (Vlady), and Destoroyah (HyperKeizer). However, one of Anguirus' first major events was meeting and becoming allies with the fire dragon known as Dracoruss.

The Pure of Heart

Fast-forward to early 2014, and Anguirus had met and become friends with other famous kaiju of that time such as Neo Gigan and Zardoris. This was when he began to simply "appear" where ever he pleased.

Suddenly, the forces of Apocalypse invaded Earth. At their arrival, they hunted down and began to attack Anguirus, but his friends then came to help save the day. At this time, it was revealed that Anguirus was a pure of heart; he could never be corrupted by evil. After this revelation, the group of them all fought against the doomsday forces together, eventually making them retreat.

Not too long later, AngruirusFTW won a number guessing game hosted by Titanollante. As a reward, the user could have one character become a deity. Obviously, AFTW chose Anguirus, making him more powerful.

A Moment for the Ages

Eventually, Anguirus learned and mastered the art of teleportation. This ability gave him powers he'd never even dreamed of before, from time travel to miscellaneous things like the ability to separate himself. This, surprisingly, came in handy when he met Piedmon, since he was able to separate his body from his keychain self after Piedmon had turned the spiky kaiju into one.

Zilla Jr.'s Finest Hour

Shortly after this, Anguirus was in one of Specter5's last RPs. In it, benevolent aliens came to help and defend Earth, but Zilla Jr. wasn't buying any of it. Eventually his suspicions were revealed correct when Anguirus used teleportation to take him and Zilla Jr. forward in time. Then, it was shown that the aliens had conquered Earth. With their treachery revealed, the aliens fled once the two kaiju returned into the present time.

The Tyranny of Dracoruss

A few weeks later, a kaiju appeared out of a portal and began to beg for Anguirus' help. This kaiju was none other then Shadowverse Anguirus. He had come from an alternate timeline where Dracoruss had drank TokyoGoji's blood and went mad with power. Shadowverse Angy was a member of the resistance, but most of its members were dead, and in desperation Shadowverse Anguirus had come to this universe to ask for their help.

Obviously he accepted, and him and Dracoruss entered the portal into the alternate universe. After meeting the other members, including a version of Leafeon, they fought against the alternate versions of Dracoruss, Zardoris, and Sucho. Anguirus was soon able to kill Zardoris and Sucho died soon after, leaving only the leader. Shortly after, though, Evil Dracoruss murdered the version of Leafeon.

As Dracoruss and Anguirus fought, Anguirus unlocked a new power: Giga Form. Using his Giga Electric AllCaps Thundeball attack on the fire dragon, Evil Dracoruss was killed both by this and a Dragon Flame Jaw Strike to the heart from the real Dracoruss.

Death of Zardoris

Zardoris, at some point, was murdered by an assortment of heroes. When Female Muto decided to host his funeral, Anguirus gladly agreed to be a co-host. However, much to Anguirus' not-surprise, Zardoris came back to life as a skeleton, thanks to the necromancer skeletal dragon called Skullwing.

Brother Tag-Team

Next up, Anguirus was there during the introduction of Scorpia. With her, he traveled along with Neo Gigan and Neo Titanosaurus to a tyrant's lair. There, they fought with the overlord known as Crystalleon. Midway through, His older brother came to help, attacking Crystalleon in a tag-team with Anguirus. Eventually, the five kaiju were able to drive back Crystalleon and cause the villain to retreat.

The 1/8th Project

Later on, Anguirus went to investigate the 1/8th project in Equestria with Nitrogeon, Oxyon, Rainbow Dash, Shadowverse Anguirus, and Female Muto. Searching the west area with Rainbow Dash and Shadowverse Angy, they eventually found the hidden lair of the villain who had been shrinking the ponies to 1/8th of their size.

Angurius and the gang furiously attacked the villain, who had been revealed as Baltan Omega. After de-shrinking the ponies, Anguirus fused with Shadowverse Anguirus and Sokogeki Anguirus, who had teleported in just for this, to transform into his ultimate form. The all-powerful fusion then killed Baltan Omega with his best attack, completely erasing the evil Ultraman kaiju from existence altogether.

A Strange Turn of Events

I'm Anguirus, reporting the latest news. „ 

— Anguirus the news reporter

For some reason, Anguirus got a short-lasting job as a news reporter. After reporting the fire at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, he stacked his papers. Suddenly, Ana-Mantax appeared behind Anguirus with glowing red eyes and attacked him in cold blood! Except that Angy had teleported away seconds into the attack. Just minutes later, he stopped RadoGoji from stomping on the rebuilt pizza place. Anguirus was then fired from his job as a kaiju news reporter because.

The Return of Alternate Zardoris

A long time after this, he refused when Shadowverse Anguirus said they had to sacrifice themselves for Coyote Tango. It was just stupid. Coyote Tango won the battle anyways so whatever. Again, only a day later, a mysterious villain appeared outside of Angy's house and attacked! It was sort of anticlimactic when BirthGoji and SamoGoji appeared and began to beat the crap out of the still-disguised villain.

Suddenly, the mystery villain revealed himself as Alternate Zardoris! Anguirus hadn't actually killed him: only Sucho died because according to Alternate Zardoris, "He was a pussy". However, apparently Alternate Zardoris wasn't much better, because Anguirus, BirthGoji, and SamoGoji were able to defeat him pretty quickly.

Triple Deluxe, Part 1

Anguirus decided to play an exclusive pre-release version of SSB4 with his friends Shadowverse Anguirus and Barubaroi. Along the way, an unknown user named "Triple Deluxe" arrived as well. Eventually they discovered a monstrosity and gathered to fight the all-powerful final boss Mewssingno, god of destruction, together. After they killed it, it released a Non-Perfect Fettus to the RPVerse, to be found and fought another day...

Triple Deluxe, Part 2

That day would turn out to be tomorrow, when the Fettus was electrocuted several times by a giant mecha after Shadowverse Anguirus and Barubaroi took it back from The Great Fusilli, evolving it into his ultimate stage: Mewssinggedemon. This glitchy abomination almost destroyed the world, if it wasn't by the combined efforts of Anguirus, Shadowverse Anguirus, Barubaroi, Female Muto, Leafeon, the entirety of H.O.W.L., and Triple Deluxe, who revealed herself as Rainbow Dash. They defeated him, but the evil being exploded into another Non-Perfect Fettus.

Ultimate Anguirus

Anguirus later appeared to help fight Obliteraton at the turn of the century, and fused with HeritageAngira, Revoltech Anguirus, NES Anguirus, Sokogeki Anguirus, and Shadowverse Anguirus to make a new form: Ultimate Anguirus. He then fired lasers at Obliteraton's explosion, making an explosionception.



Anguirus was there when Female Final Godzilla (AKA Rilah) appeared, and helped her find Dark Matter, probably just by teleporting to him. After having a huge bounty suddenly placed on his head, Anguirus traded his deity-ship for the most delicious sandwich in the universe. A great deal, indeed.

Rilah, Part 2

In this quick flurry of fights, Anguirus once again met with Rilah AKA Female FinalGoji. This time around, he assisted her and her ex-boyfriend Heisei Gamera in fighting off a group of bounty hunters. Seeing as he had a bounty too, Angy tried to keep the attention on himself, letting Rilah and Heisei Gamera attack them.

Rilah, Part 3

For the third time in a row Anguirus fought side-by-side with Rilah again, this time battling Final Gigan and Pagos with her and Yuki Certasancti's help. Eventually they were able to defeat the evil duo.

Utter Failure

At this point in time, Anguirus ended up being fought by bounty hunter Lightning Bug. Despite her trying hard to capture him, Anguirus' teleportation completely ruined any chance she had, so he toyed around with her for a bit before finishing the bounty hunter off by thunderballing Lightning Bug into the ground, KOing her.

2015 Continued

The First Performance

In the Battle of Hong Kong, Female Muto and Male Muto appeared to be in the battle, but weren't in reality. Actually, they were impostors by the actor and villain known as Clayface. In the Battle of Hong Kong, Female Muto and Male Muto battled against Anguirus, trying to destroy the city.

In the battle, Female and Male Muto couldn't stand up to Anguirus; the ankylosaurus kaiju was able to rip the male's wing off before turning to the female. After an ever briefer fight, Female Muto fled into the night and away from Anguirus, ending the battle on Clayface's end of things.

A Grand Defeat

Next, a group of kaiju including Yuki, FoxMask, Neo Gigan, American Godzilla, X-Plus Sokogeki Godzilla, Delta Biollante, Neo Godzilla 4, and MireGoji were fighting against the kaiju and mechas Grand Godzilla, Aggressive Baragon, and the massive Gotengo Kiryu. Anguirus decided to step into the fight after Eagle Mothra carried off Aggressive Baragon from the battle.

As the group focused on the more powerful of the two, Gotengo Kiryu, Anguirus put his efforts into Grand Godzilla - and apparently he didn't need much of it. Immediately upon appearing, Anguirus thunderballed right into Grand Godzilla. This introductory attack was all he needed to send Grand Godzilla retreating, defeated.

Satisfied, Anguirus teleported away from the fight, leaving the rest to fight Gotengo Kiryu. Eventually he came back to assist, but by then it was too late: Gotengo Kiryu was destroyed and many of the kaiju were severely hurt. However, Angy was interrupted by Obsidian's attack on the U.S. When lava flooded Illinois and North Carolina, he cleansed most of the lava with by teleporting water onto it.

Vs The Kamen Riders

In the city of Beijing, China, a giant Gojiran attacked. As Kamen Rider Kiva and Kamen Rider Ixa fought the creature, BirthGoji was approaching the city. Finally, the unknown monster vanished in a puff of smoke. BirthGoji, sensing the clone, headed there, only to be framed by the clone.

Riding in, Kamen Rider Ixa attacked Birth. As he tried to explain himself, Kamen Rider Kabuto arrived as well to combat BirthGoji with Kamen Rider Kiva and his ally Kivat. On top of this, Kamen Rider Ixa used the super weapon, the Ixaraiser, to go into Rising Mode. Kiva also went into Emperor mode just to add insult to injury.

It happened while Anguirus was playing video games. Sensing that something was wrong, he began teleporting to different locations. Meanwhile, Gomora, Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider Ixa, and BirthGoji all went into more powerful forms, preparing to fight. Anguirus teleported to his brother Sokogeki, getting him to come along with him.

As Kamen Rider Ixa Rising Form aimed at BirthGoji, a beam of electricity staggered the Rider. A spike was thrown (and blocked) at his arm as well. Anguirus and Sokogeki Anguirus revealed themselves in the battlefield of Beijing, China. The Calvary had arrived.

Kamen Rider Kabuto used his CLOCK UP!, rapidly punching and kicking BirthGoji to break the protective mana bubble around him. BirthGoji used a nuclear pulse to knock the Riders back, and started a beam clash with Kamen Rider Ixa Rising Form using his Ultimate King's Reborn attack. As Sokogeki Angy tried to thunderball Ixa, he was grabbed and spun around by Kabuto. With Sokogeki letting out a sonic roar, Kabuto was forced let go and Sokogeki Anguirus was slammed into the ground.

As Ixa and Kiva continued to beam clash with BirthGoji and Gomora, a new figure slashed at Sokogeki Anguirus. As Sokogeki fired back with a swarm of spikes, Anguirus tried to stab the new figure with spikes, only for ANOTHER new challenger, Kamen Rider Den-O (Climax Form) to appear and grab him by the tail.

I can play the beam game too! „ 

— Anguirus while fighting the Kamen Riders

As the beam clash continued, Anguirus peppered Den-O with spikes, teleporting behind BirthGoji and adding his beam to Birth's while Sokogeki Anguirus did the same. Meanwhile, the second new arrival, Kamen Rider Saga, added his own beam, a wave of shadows, to the opposing force's attack.

Oh, look. Another form. *yawn* „ 

— Anguirus to Kamen Rider Den-O

As Kamen Rider Den-O turned into his Super Climax form, Anguirus yawned and went into Giga Form, adding more power to the beam as BirthGoji's determination increased its power as well. Suddenly, KAMEN RIDER DECADE appeared too, immediately turning into his complete form, ready to rumble against the three!

Giga Anguirus sent fiery spikes at Ixa Rising Form, who blocked them. Suddenly, Kamen Rider Saga whipped out his whip and impaled BirthGoji on it, burning him when he pulled it out. Soon after, Kamen Rider OOO drived in, immediately going into his PuToTyranno form. As Sokogeki Anguirus thunderballed Kamen Rider Saga, he avoided the whip and PuToTyranno's Megadabryu beam by just teleporting.

As Kamen Rider Saga impaled and hung BirthGoji with his whip, Sokogeki Anguirus scorched the Rider with lava while Giga Anguirus shocked him with a jolt of electricity. As Giga Anguirus cut through the whip with his thunderball attack, Saga's logo broke, causing a big explosion. BirthGoji emerged, and just like that Shadowverse Anguirus teleported into the fray, ready to help his fellow Anguiri!

BirthGoji slammed Kamen Rider Saga into the ground, firing a purple Spiral Ray into his face. Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor form grabbed Birth by the neck. Not thinking clearly, BirthGoji turned on Giga Anguirus. Suddenly, Kabuto handed Kamen Rider Saga the Dark Kivat, turning him into Kamen Rider Dark Kiva. As Kiva Emperor hit BirthGoji with a series of punches and kicks, Anguirus fired an ice beam at him, only to be used as a flail by BirthGoji. Giga Anguirus used this to his advantage by igniting his spikes, dealing more damage to Kiva.

Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor form blasted BirthGoji with his gun, Bashaa Magnum. Meanwhile, Shadowverse Anguirus tried to thunderball Dark Kiva from the side, only to be swatted away. Another new challenger, Kamen Rider New Kiva, turned into his emperor form as well. As Dark Kiva charged BirthGoji, Shadowverse Anguirus used his Thunderball Blitz attack, making 10 clones of himself that all hit Kamen Rider Kiva at the same time. As Kiva Emperor form charged with energy blades, Shadowverse Angy's attempt to block them failed.

Suddenly, a voice rang out.


— Anguirus to Kamen Rider Kiva

Fiery spikes suddenly pincushioned Kamen Rider Kiva's emperor form. Getting hit by an ice beam, Kiva was sent flying by an electrocuting thunderball, covered in a hole and leaving the grass smeared with blood.

Kamen Rider Kiva's emperor form grabbed and threw (and missed) at one of the Anguiri as the Gojiran rammed into him. Anguirus missed an electricity beam, but BirthGoji hit Kiva with a Spiral Ray, burning his armor. As Dark Kiva threw Birth to the ground, Anguirus and emperor form Kiva fought.

Eventually, the truth was revealed. The attacker of Beijing was actually Birth Super Godzilla. After boasting about how great he was for a bit, the clone of Birth left, leaving an awkward silence between the Gojiran and three Anguiri and the multiple Kamen Riders that had been fighting the four.

The Wars of 2016

War on Monster Island

A long time later, Anguirus teleported to Monster Island to defend it from the Gyaos. As they attacked with sonic cutters, Angy teleported away from them and attacked with magma. Next, Anguirus started rapidly teleporting through the Gyaos horde, stabbing one before teleporting behind another and stabbing it as well. Using his Thunderball Blitz attack, Anguirus killed many more Gyaos.

Oh! A new thing to kill! „ 

— Anguirus to Alpha Gyaos

Anguirus continued to murder Gyaos, decimating them with Spike Maelstroms and Thunderball Blitzes. Next, as the powerful Alpha Gyaos appeared, Anguirus stabbed a Super Gyaos in the brain before teleporting to her, stabbing her multiple times before teleporting back. Spitting magma at the Alpha Gyaos, Angy thunderballed her from behind while she was distracted with the other kaiju.

I don't need to charge, suckers! „ 

— Anguirus before killing Alpha Gyaos

Finally, the Alpha Gyaos was about to die. While all the others charged up their attacks, Angy just teleported next to her and pulled out a spike. However, thinking that would be boring, he just used a Thunderball Blitz attack to kill her. He then decided to live there for a while, but would still leave to protect cities, like when he came to Santiago to defend it from Krystalak, only to find that Jigoku had it covered already and brutally murdered Krystalak in the process.

World-Scale War 2

Didn't we already kill these guys? „ 

— Anguirus in Monster Island War 2.

Anguirus then helped fight in The Second Monster Island War, battling Trilopods and Gyaos, although he played a much smaller role this time. Upon arrival, he began to kill Gyaos until the Trilopods helped, one trying to ram into and slash Anguirus. Blocking it, Angy slammed his carapace into the Trilopod.

Stabbing a Trilopod with a spike, Anguirus thunderballed a Gyaos before teleporting back. Anguirus continued to kill Gyaos, not much happening. Finally, as an Anguirus Trilopod appeared, the real Angy thunderballed it.

Neo Empire, Part 1

Anguirus also appeared in the Invasion of Monster Island, eating popcorn before Cabron attacked him. Dodging Cabron's punch, Angy hit back with his own. Cabron hit Anguirus and tried to throw him into a crystal, only for him to teleport behind Cabron and throw him in instead. Next, Anguirus jumped out of the way as Cabron launched electrified blasts of water at him. Anguirus spewed lava at Cabron to hurt him.

Blocking one of Cabron's punches with his carapace, Anguirus teleported out of the way of a building hurled at him, picking it up and throwing it at Cabron instead. As Cabron tried to ram Angy into the ocean, Anguirus teleported behind Cabron and thunderballed the villain into the water instead.

Anguirus headbutted Cabron as he was punched. As Cabron summoned...a chuck of ground, Angy blasted Cabron backwards with a sonic roar. As Cabron teleported behind the mutant kaiju and punched him, Anguirus teleported behind Cabron as well, thunderballing him. After a long while, he then thunderballed Hyperion.

Also, he helped defend Gensokyo from the Neo Empire. That happened.

Neo Empire, Part 2

Anguirus headed next towards Japan with a group of other kaiju. Upon arriving, he fought against a wide variety of Neo Empire villains. As Inferno DesGhidorah blasted Anguirus with hellfire, he teleported out of the way and pincushioned some soldiers just as Okami Muto suggested not killing them.

As the battle escalated, most of the heroes began to fight 3 Black Therapists. However, Anguirus remained outside of the Neo Empire tower where the battle was taking place, instead taking out the rest of the soldiers.

Suddenly, Black Therapist #2 crashed through a window (the fourth in this fight so far), falling and landing right on Anguirus' spike-covered back. As StagMask kicked him off of the carapace and through another window, Anguirus teleported above Black Therapisr #2, sending him back into the building through a seventh window with a flaming thunderball. Black Therapist #2 was then smashed through 6 more windows before being defeated.

Neo Empire, Part 3

Anguirus then played three very, very small roles in the defeat of the Neo Empire. First, in the liberation of China, he fought soldiers with the other heroes. Taking out soldiers with spikes and thunderballs, China was soon liberated. Next up was America: Anguirus liberated Kentucky fairly easily. Finally, in the battle against the Anomaly, Angy teleported in halfway through. He was able to attack one time (by spitting magma at the Anomaly) before the final Neo Empire boss died. Angy then teleported away, ending the Neo Empire.

Battle in Paris

In Paris, undead rose from the graves and attacked, led by The Mystery Bones of Infant Island (Necropolis Version). As well as this, Karloff, Mutavore, 15Goji, and others attacked. Shameless Fox and others appeared to stop them, but had trouble. That was when Anguirus arrived to save the day.

Tapping Karloff on the shoulder, Anguirus blasted his face with magma as he turned. Thunderballing through a nuclear beam sent at him from Karloff, Anguirus accepted a new ally, CenturyAngira, shortly before 15Goji tailswept them both. Dodging the claws sent by Karloff, Angy headbutted the breach kaiju before sending spikes at 15Goji, slowing the giant Gojiran down.

As CenturyAngira called for help and teilswept Mutavore, Angy teleported to him as he thunderballed Karloff. Tailsweeping him just to piss him off, Anguirus was suddenly sucker-punched in the face by Mutavore, breaking the kaiju's nose and eradicating his comic relief attitude for the rest of the battle.

Dodging a nuclear beam sent by Karloff, Anguirus tailswept Mutavore again. As Mutavore grabbed him by the tail and threw him at Shameless Fox, Angy thunderballed and swerved mid-air to miss the lone rookie jaeger. Confused on who to fight, Anguirus thunderballed 15Goji from behind, sending him into The Mystery Bones of Infant Island (Necropolis Version).

A new villain, Onacha, fired his minigun at Anguirus. Angy responded by thunderballing to avoid the bullets before slamming right into Mutavore, sending the kaiju flying into a building. Turning his attention to 15Goji, Anguirus stabbed the Gojiran with a spike and thunderballed the giant Godzilla.

What a Twist!

Anguirus Battle Royale

In Fort Worth, Texas, a battle raged on. Anguirus 2007 fought against DemonAngira, and the demonic one was winning.

Suddenly, someone smashed DemonAngira into a building. Anguirus pelted the demonic Anguirus with spikes from his carapace, letting Anguirus 2007 get up and groan in pain. As Sokogeki Anguirus revealed himself as well, Anguirus teleported out of the way of DemonAngira's thunderball, accidentally letting it hit Anguirus 2007 in the process.

The cavalry had arrived, but DemonAngira knew he had to take out the third, weaker ally. As Anguirus spewed magma at him and Sokogeki Anguirus electrocuted him, DemonAngira let out a wave of heat that knocked both of them back. Alone, Anguirus 2007 slashed the evil Anguirus with his claws, drawing blood.

DemonAngira headbutted Anguirus 2007, stunning him. He then blasted hellfire into the Earth Defender's eyes, making him squeal in agony. Blinded, Anguirus 2007 blasted DemonAngira backwards with a sonic roar. Sokogeki Anguirus then thunderballed him mid-air, before Anguirus smashed DemonAngira into the ground after teleporting. Triumphant and regaining sight, Anguirus 2007 slammed his tail into DemonAngira's face in an ironic twist of fate, having turned the tables on his aggressor.

Roaring in rage, DemonAngira turned to his first opponent of the battle. Slashing Anguirus 2007 multiple times with hellfire-coated claws, DemonAngira made lava plume from the earth beneath the good ankylosaur to launch him into the air. Finally, DemonAngira thunderballed Anguirus 2007 mid-air several times before blasting him into the ground with hellfire, defeating him and taking him out of the fight.

At that moment, Anguirus turned serious and went Giga, charging his Giga Electric Allcaps Thunderball, but suddenly a rainbow beam blasted him in the back. More confused than hurt, he didn't think of attacking the new arrival, who was none other than Angweerus. Yelling "HAY, ANGEERESS!!!", he threw a building at Anguirus, with him being to bothered to even try to dodge the beam. Next, he remarked that "SOMEFIN FUNNEE'S GOIN ON, YA BETTR CHEK!" and engulfed Anguirus and Sokogeki Anguirus in a rainbow pulse. At this, the two teleported away to check. Too late, they realized that Angweerus was the funny something, and came back to see that both Angweerus and DemonAngira had disappeared.

Hit and Run

Not long after, Angweerus teleported to Anguirus' house and began to harass him. However, he bailed and teleported to the city of Derry, Maine, once Anguirus immediately turned into his Giga Form. In Derry, meanwhile, a golden retriever was being walked around the block as Angweerus appeared.

Giga Anguirus teleported after Angweerus, arriving and blasting him with a stream of magma. Angweerus thunderballed Anguirus, only to be thrown to the ground and thunderballed into in response. As the golden retriever's owner fled, Anguirus stabbed his glitchy counterpart with a spike.

Angweerus headbutted Anguirus and hit him with a rainbow pulse, telling him how "SOMEFIN FUNNEE'S GON AHN, YOO BETTA CHEK!". However, Anguirus was too concentrated to be affected, and used his Thunderball Blitz attack to cut up Angweerus and leave him flying into a lake. Emerging, Agweerus fired a rainbow beam at Anguirus, but it was countered by an ice beam. Angweerus suddenly glitched, his rainbow beam shifting away from the ice beam and slamming into Anguirus.

The retriever ran up and barked at Angweerus. As the strange ankylosaurus was blasted backwards by Angy's sonic roar, he noticed the dog and saw his opportunity. Suddenly, Democratic Retriever shifted in size, and his eyes turned a red-and-blue hue. Confused, the transformed golden retriever decided to attack both of them.

As Anguirus tried to cover Angweerus in spikes, only for him to teleport out of the way, Democratic Retriever rammed hard into him. Angweerus cut into his counterpart with spikes, only to be surprised and blasted by a red, blue, and white beam from Democratic Retriever. Turning, Angweerus tried to hit Democratic Retriever with another rainbow pulse, only for Anguirus to thunderball him backwards.

Anguirus sent an electric beam at Angweerus, but got tackled downwards by Democratic Retriever. As Angweerus peppered both of them with spikes, Democratic Retriever barked in rage and bit into Angweerus' neck with sharp teeth. Teleporting backwards, Angweerus's neck wound got widened by a red-white-and-blue laser beam. Roaring in fear and pain, Angweerus teleported out of Derry and into Jerusalem, with Anguirus teleporting after him in hot pursuit.

Giga Anguirus, now back to normal, teleported after Angweerus and smashed him through the Western Wall. Jumping on Angweerus, Angy used his Spike Maelstrom to pierce through his skin, making his foe roar out in pain. Desperate to get Anguirus off of him, Angweerus let out a rainbow pulse that knocked back Angy. However, as a side effect, it also transformed a German Shepherd, who was in his home sleeping when suddenly he grew massive in size.

Awakened, Jewish Shepherd saw the two kaiju fighting and knew he had to defend Jerusalem from them. As Angweerus blasted Anguirus with his rainbow beam, Jewish Shepherd hit him with a golden beam of energy he didn't even know he had. Getting up, Angweerus turned and sent multicolored spikes at Jewish Shepherd, only for them to be blocked by a similarly-colored wall of holy energy that completely disintegrated the spikes.

Anguirus, remembering his encounter with Democratic Retriever, gave up trying to be allies and just teleported behind Jewish Shepherd, stabbing him in the back with a spike. Howling in pain, the warrior dog turned and bit into Anguirus' arm. As he tried to teleport, Jewish Shepherd slashed him across the eyes, making him shriek with pain. In the process, he teleported right in front of Angweerus, who hit him head-on and tackled his opponent to the ground.

As Angweerus sent his own multicolored spikes into Anguirus' chest, Jewish Shepherd ran up and slashed the back of his neck with claws. Roaring glitch-like in pain, Angweerus sent spikes out from his back that stabbed into Jewish Shepherd. However, as he stumbled backwards, the wounds began to heal quickly.

Anguirus used this time to blast back Angweerus with a sonic roar. As he fell, Jewish Shepherd was upon him, biting and clawing at the evil kaiju. Screaming in pain, Angweerus teleported back to the third city, Moscow, but Jewish Shepherd held on and teleported with him. As Anguirus went after them, the strange energy given off by Angweerus both instantly summoned Democratic Retriever but also transformed a third and final dog into a kaiju, that dog being the Russian pup Border Commie.

Angweerus let out a rainbow pulse that damaged all four foes. However, Border Commie ran up and bit into him, and with a show of tremendous strength, threw him right into Democratic Retriever. Anguirus teleported on the fallen kaiju, only to be stopped as Jewish Shepherd blasted him with a beam of holy energy. Caught off-guard, Anguirus teleported back and right in front of Border Commie, who headbutted the kaiju and broke his nose.

Angweerus deflected a red-white-and-blue beam from Democratic Retriever with a wall of rainbow energy, only to be picked up and slammed head-first into the snow by Border Commie. Jewish Shepherd continued to battle Anguirus, avoiding the spikes sent at him and slashing him in the face. Democratic Retriever smashed his head into Border Commie, only to daze himself as well. This gave Angweerus time to teleport between the two and slam their skulls together.

Moving on to Anguirus, the glitchy kaiju hit him with a building that seemed to come out of thin air. Roaring, Anguirus thunderballed towards Angweerus, only for him to teleport out of the way. At the same time Jewish Shepherd was charging: seeing where Angweerus had teleported to, the dog grabbed Anguirus' thunderball and threw it right into Angweerus' face.

Anguirus headbutted Angweerus, only to be headbutted back. As he tried to slash his throat out, Anguirus was disappointed as his rival teleported out of the way. Meanwhile, the three dogs got into a beam clash. Eventually it exploded, leaving them to brawl. Border Commie came up and headbutted Jewish Shepherd, who blasted him back with a holy beam. Democratic Retriever slashed the shepherd and hit him with RWB eye lasers.

As Jewish Shepherd regenerated, Democratic Retriever fell back, ramming into Border Commie. Border Commie slashed the retriever's face and threw him back towards Jewish Shepherd. Meanwhile, Angweerus got hit hard by a Giga Electric AllCaps Thunderball from Anguirus, and teleported to Border Commie to get Anguirus to fight him instead.

Taking the bait, Angy went after him and got hit by a frost beam from Border Commie. Turning, Angy slashed at him, getting slashed in response himself. Jewish Shepherd and Democratic Retriever headbutted eachother. As they both tried to bite the other's nose, they ended up chomping on their tongues instead, causing both to howl in pain. Angweerus watched as Border Commie avoided a thunderball and froze Anguirus in place, smashing him into the snowy ground of Moscow.

I'm not losing to a F^#$ING DOG! „ 

— Anguirus Vs Angweerus and the three dogs.

At this point, Anguirus got mad. He wasn't going to be this humiliated. Going Giga, Anguirus ignored Border Commie and teleported behind Angweerus, thunderballing him hard. Next, Anguirus used his All-Out Artillery Attack, nearly killing his foe. Barely clinging on to life, Angweerus let out one final pulse of energy that teleported himself to safety, Jewish Shepherd to Jerusalem, Anguirus to his house, and Democratic Retriever to Derry.

The Popcorn Bros. and Cow

In Santiago, Chile, three tasty enemies invaded the city, ready to get revenge on the humans that eat them daily. First were the Popcorn Bros., a giant bucket and small bag of popcorn that popped out explosive kernels of popcorn from their tops that destroyed any buildings they hit. The second was Cowra, who smashed right through a row of buildings with his horns.

As Super-Sized bounced towards the La Moneda Palace, ready to destroy it, Anguirus suddenly appeared right in his face, punching the bucket of popcorn in his face, if he had one. As Kid-Sized cried out and rushed to his older brother's aid, another Anguirus thunderballed the small bag into Super-Sized. The new challenger happened to be Shadowverse Anguirus, back to cause chaos at Anguirus' side again!

Super-Sized sent out a storm of explosive popcorn kernels at Shadowverse Anguirus. As he dodged out of the way, Kid-Sized rammed him into a building. However, this gave Anguirus the opportunity to attack unopposed, letting out a sonic roar that blasted half of the popcorn inside Kid-Sized out of him. Super-Sized flew into a rage at this, scorching Anguirus with a storm of exploding popcorn.

As Shadowverse Angy electrocuted Kid-Sized with a beam of electricity, Cowra came in and blasted the random kaiju with a purple ray from in between his horns. Screaming out in pain, Shadowverse Anguirus turned and blasted Cowra with ice, only for the kaiju to ram his horns into him. Next, Kid-Sized rammed into Shadowverse Anguirus, but Cowra turned on Kid-Sized and sliced holes in the small bag with his horns. Meanwhile, Anguirus stabbed a spike into Super-Sized, making popcorn leak out, but the living bucket tipped over on him and spilled out exploding popcorn, majorly damaging Anguirus.

At that point, Anguirus was appalled that he was having trouble with a giant bucket of popcorn, and promptly blasted Super-Sized with magma, burning the popcorn inside of him and making him squeal in pain, fleeing the battle. Next up was Kid-Sized, who fled too after Anguirus teleported behind and blasted him with fire as well. Last was Cowra.

Cowra slammed his horns into Anguirus, knocking him back, only to get smashed into by Shadowverse Anguirus' thunderballing form. As he retaliated by burning Shadowverse Anguirus with his purple ray, Anguirus stepped in and roasted Cowra with his magma breath, making Cowra squeal out in pain and fear before fleeing as well. As Anguirus turned to Shadowverse Angy, the alternate version of him said that something was horribly wrong in the Shadowverse, and that he had been gone so long because he had been in the Shadowverse. The two teleported away to discuss the matter in private after this.

Flashback (1)

Shadowverse Anguirus told Anguirus all he remembered right now; during his escape he somehow lost part of his memory. Besides the fragments, he knew that he had wanted to go back to the Shadowverse and see how it was doing after the months of being away. However, when he had teleported through universes there, the place was entirely deserted. At least, he thought it was.

After a bit of wandering around, Shadowverse Anguirus had been attacked by three kaiju! However, after getting a better look at him, the three ceased their assault when they realized that it was the Anguirus from their dimension. When Shadowverse Anguirus asked why, the three, who were revealed to be alternate versions of Ebirah, Glaceon, and Silveon, told him that they were using it as a secret hideout.

Shadowverse Anguirus asked why they were still hiding. Hadn't Dracoruss been killed? But they explained that something worse had come from another universe. Having conquered its original one, the villain had found this universe that had a similar story and visited it, slaughtering almost everyone on Earth with its army. With it being left abandoned, the remaining heroes had used it as an HQ for the new villain, who was...who was.............Shadowverse Anguirus couldn't remember that part yet. A voice seemed to say How inconvenient in the twos' heads...or was that voice in their heads real?

Nasty Plot

In the city of London, King Joe Black seemed to pop up out of nowhere in a bright flash of light. However, before it could even destroy a single building, a sinister laugh echoed out across the city. Not caring at all, King Joe Black simply turned to see SpookGoji's horrible face right in front of it, holding a sadistic smile with his numerous razor-sharp teeth. SpookGoji screamed shrilly in an attempt to jumpscare King Joe Black...

King Joe Black was completely unfazed and unaffected, simply raising its Pedanium Launcher to SpookGoji's face and firing. The blast was so strong that it not only sent SpookGoji flying back into the sea but also completely incinerated all the skin off of his face. With his foe taken care of, King Joe Black once again approached the buildings, until...

At the same time, two new Earth Defenders unintentionally ambushed King Joe Black at the same time. From the front, Anguirus teleported in and thunderballed King Joe Black in the face, doing very little damage but knocking it back and right into Baymax 's flail as he swung it, putting a dent in the giant alien mech's armor where it hit. Making a loud "BEEEEEEEEEEP" sound, King Joe Black spun around and fired its Pedanium Launcher in a Pedanium Hurricane, blasting Anguirus back but with Baymax absorbing most of the energy.

However, SpookGoji had come back, and was sneaking up behind Baymax while Anguirus continued to fight against King Joe Black. As the giant black robot - err, the good giant black robot - began to charge up the red circle on his chest, SpookGoji tapped on Baymax's shoulder from behind.


— Baymax in reply to SpookGoji.

As Baymax turned, SpookGoji screamed in Baymax's face, making the giant mech panic and scream, running and swinging his chainsaw arm wildly until he cut deep into Anguirus with it. Anguirus only then noticed that Baymax was there, and scolded him before returning to the fight when King Joe Black pounded him with its Pedanium Launcher. They decided to both go for King Joe Black, leaving SpookGoji to do whatever he wanted to do during the fight.

Anguirus blasted King Joe Black with magma that it was completely unfazed by. However, this left it open to Baymax, who slashed it with his now-augmented chainsaw arm, having fully charged up his red circle. Making another "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP", King Joe Black smashed Baymax with its Pedanium Launcher and took to the sky - or at least tried to.

Anguirus immediately teleported above King Joe Black, thunderballing it down towards the ground. On the way down, King Joe Black was smashed mid-air by Baymax's flail, being sent flying through several buildings. Anguirus and Baymax spent a few seconds stunned at their great synergy. Meanwhile, SpookGoji had wasted his opportunity to destroy London and instead teleported next to King Joe Black. Ready to finish it off, SpookGoji placed his foot onto King Joe Black's face, trying to crush it.

SpookGoji didn't see it coming then when Baymax smashed his drill arm into SpookGoji's chest, the drill piercing right through him. Next, Anguirus thunderballed SpookGoji in the wound to open it up far enough for Baymax's flail arm to be swung right inside of him, destroying his innards before bursting out of the Gojiran's body. SpookGoji fell.

King Joe Black got up, steaming with rage, and flew into the air. Letting out a screeching "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!, its eyes glowed red as it rained down a Pedanium Air Raid on Baymax and Anguirus. Burned, the two also took to the skies, Baymax by flight and Angy by teleportation. Going berserk, King Joe Black shot Anguirus out of the sky with a Hyper Dest Ray. Next, Baymax tried to smash it with his sledgehammer arm, only for it to shatter on impact. King Joe Black aimed its Hyper Dest Ray at Baymax's head...

Suddenly King Joe Black was in the ocean. It didn't know what happened. Anguirus had teleported it all the way to the Pacific Ocean; if it was going to take this long to beat King Joe Black, might as well just put it away from London and avoid fighting it at all. Baymax commented that he liked Anguirus' style, and the 4th-wall-breaking kaiju said the same about Baymax. After the agreed that they made a good team and should work together again sometime, they left the untouched city of London.


  • Using Spikes as knives
  • Teeth and Claws
  • Slow regeneration
  • Has an Electric breath weapon
  • Lava/Magma/Fire breath weapon
  • Ice Beam breath weapon
  • Can shoot Spikes from shell like porcupine
  • Is a Pure of Heart (Before you ask, it happened in an RP), so has no Evil stuff.
  • Sonic Roar - Can be used to get foes off of him, but does less damage.
  • Teleportation - Has mastered teleportation over the months, and can use many different uses from it, like time travel, dimension travel, and even separation from keychain selves.
  • Can send electricity, ice, and flame energy into his spikes.
  • Thunderall - can use ice, fire, or electric energy to make it stronger.
  • Can fuse with other Anguiruses.


  • Spike Maelstrom - Onslaughts the target with a horde of spikes. The spikes can be charged with Ice, electricity or fire, too, making this attack stronger.
  • Thunderball Blitz - Thunderballs the target repeatedly by teleporting around them rapidly when each thunderball hits. Can be mixed with Fire, electric, or ice energy to make stronger.
  • Giga Electric/Icy/Flaming Allcaps Thunderball - Elctricity flows through Anguirus as he thunderballs directly into the opponent, slicing their flesh with his spikes and sending electric energy into the wounds. Can be switched with Ice or Flames.

•All-out artillery attack - His strongest finisher, first, his spikes are covered on fire, he shoots those spikes, burning his enemy, then he spews ice from his mouth, freezing the enemy, and then he does the GE/I/FAT!!! towards the frozen opponent. Of course, this does less damage to stronger opponents.

  • Spikes become sharper
  • Beams become stronger
  • Improved teleportation abilities
  • Becomes much more durable
  • Gains a medium-speed regeneration factor
  • Increase in size
  • Becomes faster
  • Gains the power to make earthquakes


  • Regular attacks don't do too much damage
  • Can't control very well while Thunderballing




— Angy when a plot twist happens

I kinda wanted to beat on that Black Therapist some more. „ 

— Anguirus


  • Anguirus was at first the Showa Version, since the Ang04 emote hadn't been made yet.
  • Anguirus didn't always have his infamous teleporting ability.
  • Anguirus being a news reporter was inspired from Tomodachi Life.